Healing the Heart and Manifesting Love
Healing the Heart and Manifesting Love

Healing the Heart and Manifesting Love

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This is a Sterling silver heart pendant w/out q chain. 



We've all been down that road before. We've all been with that one person who has absolutely obliterated our heart, smashed it into a million tiny little pieces. The good news is that it gets better. However, it takes time to heal and there is nothing worse than meeting a potential new suitor when your heart is still entwined in pain and remorse from your last endeavor.  


This piece holds energies that have been cast upon it by the Virginia Love Witch. We have offered many of her pieces over the years and they have been received with astounding reviews. This piece holds energies that will mend your heart. It will reassemble your broken heart, so that way you can move on with someone new.


The best part about the piece is that if you have not found your "someone new" yet, this piece also holds the energies and magic to be able to help you find them! Just wear the pendant and envision in your mind what the perfect love looks like, how they act, how they will treat you, how their energies will be, etc. Then, this piece will manifest a person that matches all of your qualifications! It's that simple.