Her Head Was Filled With Dread; Zerilda the Speaker
Her Head Was Filled With Dread; Zerilda the Speaker
Her Head Was Filled With Dread; Zerilda the Speaker

Her Head Was Filled With Dread; Zerilda the Speaker

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This piece is a vintage cameo.  It holds the presence of Zerilda who will grant you impeccable powers.  Who is Zerilda and what are her powers?  I guess you'll just have to keep on reading!

Marie Laveau may have died and moved on to the spirit realms, but with this piece, you will not even need her. I mean no disrespect to Marie. Long live the Voodoo Queen-- you know, in the spirit realm. However, the piece that we have is so over the top powerful that it far surpassed any Voodoo piece that we put on so far in 2020, which is saying something because we have put on a lot of powerful Voodoo pieces.

I'm not sure how long you (the reader) have been with Haunted Curiosities, but we have told the story of Papa Legba before. Even so, I will briefly acquaint you with him. He is the guardian god of the crossroads and he guards the path between mortality and the Loas, who are Voodoo gods. In order to reach the Loas, you must either have a very powerful kind of magic or you can make a deal with Papa Legba. He has had many affairs with many women who were just looking for and in with Voodoo magic.

What we have here is a piece that holds the presence of one of his illegitimate daughters that he never knew existed. It's not like he would have cared much. He truly is an insidious creature who probably would have tossed his own children to the side for some magic or a soul anyway. However, here she is. We have her, summoned into this very piece.

She is called Zerilda the Speaker. She is a speaker of Truth, magic, and knowledge. we say that her head was filled with dread, but that's just because she is the offspring of a sinister being, Papa Legba. As she is the offspring of Papa Legba, who is a very powerful entity in and of himself, she has inherited a great wealth of knowledge herself. In a sense, you could consider a goddess of crossroads if you wanted to, but she doesn't refer to herself as a goddess and she would prefer if you didn't use that word around her, either.

When yuo own this piece Zerilda will connect to you. You will be able to look into a mirror-- or any other place you can see your reflection-- and you will be able to call upon Zerilda at your leisure. She will appear with snake hair in her hair, similar to the Medusa, but do not get the two confused. She speaks in a very creole, almost Jamaican voice. Not too heavy like Miss Cleo, but you will hear what I mean.

At any rate, they call her Zerilda the Speaker because she can speak any Voodoo power, magic, or ability into existence. She takes after her father in that way, but unlike her father, she is not greedy and she believes in using her gifts to further humanity. Not only will she speak Voodoo magic into existence on your behalf, her powers will also give you an awakening that will allow you to experience the Loas for yourself, including all of the intense magic, power, and energy that they have and the magic they've created with it.

Zerilda can also speak certain aspects of destiny into existence. For instance, she cannot grant immortality or cure somebody of cancer, but she can do spiritual healing, grant wealth, grant harmony, cast revenge, etc. She can help you live your best life by living the life you've always wanted-- whatever that might be.