Hidden Magic of the Horsemen

Hidden Magic of the Horsemen

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This piece is an antique french pendant with gold wire. I will not waste much time with this one. I'll jump right into what it does for you. I will say this much. If you've been with us for a while you will remember an entity that we used to collaborate with. He even had a section on one of our previous websites. He is called Immortal33. This is all we have ever known him as and all he will probably ever be known as because he is very secretive.  


Either way, he was kept and abused by a secret sect of upper-crust magicians who wanted to create the perfect specimen of power. They did, but he eventually became too powerful and overcame them, freeing himself. This piece comes from that secret society. I don't remember what society is called if I'm being honest. I'd have to back and read some of what he wrote. The point is I met with him in the astral realm the other night. He beckoned me to give me this piece. This piece holds very powerfully knowledge/magic from the Bible and end times.  


This piece gives you the ability to see the face of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. it will give you a secret source of magic that each one of the riders holds a secret identity and secret form of magic. These are forms of magic that will benefit you immensely during the End of Times. That's becuase they each carry secret magic that has been given to them by God. These powers are not something that I can readily put into words. They are innate magical abilities that have come from within God. They will be passed on to you. You will use them during the Final Battle to make sure you and your family stay safe and that you come out on the winning side of things.