Hidden Rosicrucian Secrets and Magic of the Rosslyn Chapel
Hidden Rosicrucian Secrets and Magic of the Rosslyn Chapel
Hidden Rosicrucian Secrets and Magic of the Rosslyn Chapel
Hidden Rosicrucian Secrets and Magic of the Rosslyn Chapel

Hidden Rosicrucian Secrets and Magic of the Rosslyn Chapel

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This piece comes from a place where the worlds meet. It a cradle of magic that holds influences from all types of persuasions including the Freemasons, Gnostics, Kabbalists, and Pagans. The outside of this hotbed of magic is old and decayed. It has spent most of its modern days covered in a skeleton of scaffolding as restoration projects continue to move along slowly. However, on the inside is where the magic takes place. For those who understand the ancient ways, it is like a playground of magic just waiting for somebody to come play.

Of course, if you haven't figured it out by now, I'm referencing the Rosslyn Chapel. It was made famous by Tom Hanks' flick "the DaVinci Code" and the hot water that it got him in with conservative Christians around the world. However, the depictions of the Rosslyn Chapel in that movie aren't entirely wrong. There are some really, really old symbology and texts that can be found at the chapel all of which bring forth some sort of ancient power and magic. They bestow the powers and the knowledge of yesteryears, as a lot of magic has been recorded within in various forms.

In the basement of the chapel, there exists a colossal stone crypt. It is among the crypt that one will find the gateway to the treasure that was stored there by the Rosicrucians. Here is where things begin to get fuzzy because history will tell you that the treasure is a myth. Some historians will even go as far as to say that the Rosicrucians didn't exist at all. They either don't know what they are talking about, or they are trying to cover something up. The thing is that historians have been spending all these years looking for an actual stone door that will open up to a vault of treasure. They are thinking too literally.

Indeed the door to the treasure of the Rosicrucians is a magic door that can only be opened by the soul. There is a special stone in the basement that holds soul alchemy that allows you to transcend your mortal body in soul form and travel to a pocket realm that was created by the Rosicrucians to hold their most prized possession. This isn't a normal kind of treasure. Rather, it is a treasure that contains a number of relics and totems that hold an astounding amount of power. The power that is there attracts other types of power. It has transformed the ground around it into a magnet and into a source of energy that allows any magic to be practiced. Think of it as a never-ending well of energy.

We only know all this because we have actually been there. Listen, there's some really crazy stuff in there if you can figure out how to get in. For instance, there is a piece of the actual cross that Jesus hung on. Moses' petrified head exists in there and speaks knowledge and wisdom to those that will hear it. A lot of people think this is Jesus' head, but it couldn't possibly be. Jesus ascended in bodily form. There is a goblet that holds a neverending supply of Christ's blood. There are other relics that hold pure power, such as jewelry that can be worn-- pendants, rings, etc.

When we were there we also read off of ancient scrolls. The scrolls hold many ancient secrets and white light spells that can be used to manipulate Heavenly energy to get what you want. There are white light spells for the conjuration of the Holy Ghost. There are tablets that depict white light sexual rituals. I mean, some of the stuff that is down there would blow your mind, despite going against the grain of what has been taught in "mainstream' Christianity. That's why we call the magic that is in the piece Gnosticism and Kabbalah because it contains things that don't necessarily agree with Christianity as we know it these days.

Keep in mind what I've told you were only about the secret relic room of the Rosicrucians. This doesn't begin to cover the rest of the magic that is emanated from this place. What really happened is that the magic that was set there by the Rosicrucians began to seep energy out into the world. This magic was then detected by other magicians and sorcerers who use the energy to shape the magic they wanted and so the magic as Rosslyn Chapel just began to evolve into this conglomeration of all types of magic. Truth be told, having psychic ability and walking in the chapel is overbearing. Think of it like walking into a crowded cafeteria. There are hundreds of "voices" that "speak" magic at you from all directions.

What we are offering is a piece that we made using a relic that we found in the Rosicrucian reliquary that we found in the basement of the Rosslyn Chapel. This piece entails so much magic. It's part gnostic. It's part ancient Egyptian. It's part Celtic. It's part druid. It's part Kabbalah. It's part Christian. It's part Pagan. It's part everything. There is so much magic that is in this piece that using it is like a Pandora's Box of magical abilities. I couldn't even really attempt to list a total package of magic that this piece provides for you if I tried. It would be near impossible.

What I will tell you is this-- the piece you are receiving gives you multiple forms of enlightenment and deep-rooted awakenings. It will give you connections to many different types of magic. An example would be a connection to the Celtic Sacred Grove of 13 Trees. Another might be a connection to the Pyramids of Giza. Another might be the revelations of the 72 divine names of God. Another might be the ability to summon the green men of Pagan ancestry who will grant you things that you want. The conglomeration of magic will allow you to experience all walks of magical life and will allow you to develop your own magical identity by releasing different types of magic to you so that way you are submerged into complete understanding and of all magic. This will also bing you a unified and unlimited source of energy that will allow you to manifest that magic into reality!