Human Psychometry
Human Psychometry
Human Psychometry

Human Psychometry

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This is a very different kind of supernatural ability. I’m sure you have heard of Psychometry where you hold items and know all about them. You know who had them, the history and even how they were used. You even can pick up the energy of a piece. This is a little different and it’s so indulgent, exquisite and powerful!!!

Let me tell you all about this seductive piece!

The piece is unmarked silver and the center of the pendant is a heated colorful glass. The glass conducts the energy. This is not a large pendant or tiny, I would say medium. Now let me tell you what it does! I really like this piece myself and I have one in an Asian ring with cobalt blue enamel and two tiny flowers on it. I might put it on later as I got a third one. I really like my Asian jewelry! Remember that we have Asian month with goes until January. If you are Asian and buying stuff please let me know. Yes we will get to everyone! 

So, what do you do with this? Again I love this one! When you wear or carry this pendant and touch someone anywhere, you KNOW THEM AND WHAT  THEY ARE FEELING! Now let me tell you what you can do with this. You can use this multiple ways and those ways are exciting! 

During sex!!!!! Yea ha!!! Giddy up girls and boys because you feel not just yourself but them too at the same time! Sex has never been better!

Knowing a person and how they feel!

Is the person lying to you? All these things and many more like are they sick will be known to you!