In My Father's House (picture coming soon)
In My Father's House (picture coming soon)

In My Father's House (picture coming soon)

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This is a revelatory piece and by that, I mean that it reveals hidden and secret information. Around this time of year, people start feeling warm and cozy. They want white light magic that makes them feel good that they might be able to used to better their life in the upcoming year. I mean, the death of Winter only promises one thing and that's the rebirth of Spring. Going into the new year and, eventually, Spring with a powerful headstart will allow you to make sure that 2021 is a good year for you because let's face the facts-- who can really say that 2020 was their year? I mean, things might keep on festering and stewing around you while the world prepares for pandemonium, but at least you will be prepared.

This piece allows you to travel to the Mansion in Heaven. This is the mansion that is spoken about in the Bible when Jesus said, "In my father's mansion there are many rooms." Spoiler Alert-- not only are there many rooms, but there are also many mansions. Yeah, that wasn't mentioned in the NIV. I don't think it was mentioned anywhere. In these rooms and in these many mansions are magical as powerful as the night is long. That's because these "Mansions" are really storehouses for God and his mighty knowledge. While this piece might not be as powerful as the first piece we offered tonight if is still very powerful and very revelatory indeed.

When you get this piece you will gain the ability to travel to the Heavenly Mansions by means of astral projection and relocation. You will be able to walk through the many Mansions of God. you will be able to attach to your own soul the powers and abilities that you come across, but only if you want them. They are all divine, white light powers. Some of them are ancient, some of them are new. It's like a craft show that goes on for blocks and blocks and blocks, but they are powerful, divine, magical powers.

If there is a particular power that you are looking for, then you will want to use this piece during meditation and focus on the power that you are looking for specifically. Then, you will be led directly to it, rather than having to peruse.