Indigo Evolution
Indigo Evolution

Indigo Evolution

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This piece is a gorgeous sterling silver ring with a gorgeous smokey blue stone


Here's the thing-- I can't really tell you where we got this piece from. It was on an investigation somewhere that we weren't supposed to be. That is all I can really tell you without incriminating ourselves. What I will tell you is that it was somewhere in West Virginia. Now, I will allow you to do a little bit of research about places that the general public isn't really supposed to be in WV and allow you to draw your own conclusions.  


Also, I'll just get straight to the point with this one, because there's really no beating around the bush with it. This piece holds the presence of six souls that the government was holding hostage. Well, I guess hostage isn't the right word. It's more like they were holding them captive-- trying to figure them out with their various psychic mechanisms that used on innocent people through projects such as Montauk II and the Philadelphia Experiment.  


I have good news, though. Project Indigo was a total failure and that is because those in charge-- I say the government, but really I'm alluding to the Illuminati-- didn't quite understand this time. At all. Every so many births, and it's a very high ratio, a human is born. this human has living knowledge of the universe, as they are born with a highly evolved psychic connection to the Cosmos.  


They are called the Indigo Children, sometimes also called the Starseed. here's what is really going. Prior to the Great Deluge and even after some of the Atlanteans managed to escape Atlantis. They settled in places like North America, North Africa, and East Asia. I don't quite fully grasp it, or understand the timing, but eventually, they began to comingle and copulate with humanity.  


Over the course of the years, their DNA has become really watered down. However, every once in a great while-- shall we say once in a blue moon-- an Indigo Child is born. Obviously, when they are infants they know nothing of the sort, but as they grow the universe talks to them. It reaches out to them and reveals their destiny to them. Frankly, their destiny is simple-- they are the ones that will eventually lead the world into a rise of consciousness and evolution of the mind.  


This evolution of the mind will allow humanity to exist as the Atlanteans once existed. There will be no more hate or political difference. It will be a hive mentality where we all exist as individuals, but we are all part of the same collective whole, which will simply be called the Network. In this highly evolved state, the human mind will not be stimulated by anything but pure knowledge and positive interactions.  


In those days, knowledge will flow freely, because we will be connected to the universe. The universe will grow infinitely smaller because our minds will be interconnected to the Cosmos. We will even be interconnected with other races of beings from throughout exist. Everything will be demystified.  


We will find out that there are races of beings that have had this cosmic evolution for eons now. We will also find out that there are races of individuals that have not evolved. We will be taught that nobody ever truly dies, we merely transcend to the next level of our existence, until eventually, we acquire immortality in being part of the infinity.  


So, anyway, we broke into this secret chamber where these cold, lifeless bodies were laying on the floor. Their head was connected. There were six of them in total and their bodies were all perpendicular to one another, almost as if they were making the shape of a flower. Upon their foreheads were carved serial numbers, but those were placed there by the government? They were each identical except for a letter at the very ending of the number? The mark of the beast? Perhaps. only, they didn't understand the Indigo Children don't need bodies to live in. Their bodies are merely flesh Avatars for them to assimilate into human existence.  


Rather, the Indigo Children can exist in full spiritual form. They can create their own new physical bodies on a whim, which is what their captors didn't understand. Having said that, their molted bodies, which the government is still studying in vain, held just enough energy for us to summon the presence of the six into this piece.  


If you want the type of evolution of the mind that I just described to you. If you want to be connected to the Network, if you want to have unlimited access to magic, if you want to have unlimited knowledge of the universe, if you want to be able to manifest things, then this is the piece for you. The energies of the Indigos will radiate into your mind and your evolution will begin. I'm not alluding to the fact that this is an overnight or immediate process because it is not. However, given the fact that it will take centuries for this evolution to even take a full hold on the minds of humans on Earth, this piece is pretty speedy.