Jesus' Love Chrism, Live Happily Forever After
Jesus' Love Chrism, Live Happily Forever After

Jesus' Love Chrism, Live Happily Forever After

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This piece is sterling silver. It is a pretty cool piece because the top comes off and you can fill it with liquid. The liquid that you will be filling it with for the intents and purposes of using the magic that this piece brings is either water or scented oil. The choice is completely up to you. you will "anointing" yourself with whatever liquid you choose to use so please keep that in mind when choosing.

The magic that is in this piece has been set into this piece by Saint Raphael the Archangel. He is the Archangel of love and he is the angel that is oftentimes called upon to grant love between two people. This particular piece takes the traditional type of love and ups the ante just a bit. That's because the liquid that you put inside this sterling silver heart-shaped vial will be transformed into something called Christ's Love Chrism.

This is a liquid that can be used to open up the chakra system of both yourself and the person with who you are trying to get to fall in love with you. I just want to say that before you use this piece, let's be completely honest. Using this magic to make Justin Bieber or Ariana Grande fall in love with you is probably unlikely. They are celebrities. They know the deal. In fact, many of them were at the Underground Auction where we got this piece. They know the deal. They have the magic to protect them from pieces like this.

Moving on-- this piece will allow you to mold your heart chakra with the heart chakra of somebody that you want to be with for the rest of your life. All you have to do is let the liquid set in the bottle for 14 days. You will wear it like a pendant. While still wearing this piece you will look in the mirror ad you will repeat the name of the person you want to love you seven times. Then you will dump the liquid from the bottle onto your chest and rub it a bit. Allow the liquid to dry naturally. You can dab some of the oil off if that is what you are using.

This piece will bring you divine wealth and protection.  It will bring you longevity, happiness and contentment, as well as loyalty and trustworthiness.  It will also help with communication and other parts of a relationship where most other relationships fail.

Once this has been done all you have to do is wait for the merging to take place and the two of you shall become one. This magic carries over into the afterlife where the two of you will once again be joined at the heart chakra to literally live happily forever after.