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This is no ordinary trip and you go alone. You will come back changed forever. It is more of a ride,so to speak then anything else. You may only go once.


You have to qualify to go on it and the requirements are listed below.

You must have a full medical physical.

No heart conditions.

No anti-psychotic drugs in the last 3 months. (unless your willing to share,I bet I could use some!)

You must complete a psychological evaluation. ( I will give it to you)

You must complete the Oxford Capacity. This is nothing more then a personality test.

You will be asked questions as to your sexual preference,likes,dislikes and fears.

You will need a passport and visa depending. You will be told that after your testing.

You will have to give a family history and history of all places you have traveled to.

You will be asked what your greatest wish and desires are.

You will have to answer all questions with 100 percent honesty. Everything is kept confidential and shared with no one.

Your trip will take about two months to plan and will happen anytime after that.

You can not imagine what this is and it will thrill you,enchant you and as said above change your life forever. If you have yet to fully live, you can do so now.

You will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement. Nothing you experience may be made public.

Serious inquires only.