Le Theatre Des Ames
Le Theatre Des Ames
Le Theatre Des Ames
Le Theatre Des Ames
Le Theatre Des Ames
Le Theatre Des Ames

Le Theatre Des Ames

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Where do we start with the Grand Guignol? It was perhaps one of the most influential theaters of all time. The grim tales of sex and death that were portrayed on the stage of a chapel-turned-theater were the most realistic of the time. The gothic appearance of the chapel aided the angst that was experienced by theater-goers. Wooden angels hung in the air, old confession booths were turned into personal boxes, and theater seats on the balcony were designed to mimic pews. It was the creation of the mastermind and French playwright Oscar Metenier.

The playwright bought the chapel at the end of the 19th Century transforming his visions into a reality that he called Le Théâtre du Grand-Guignol. His dark imagination normalized things such as murder, prostitutes, and street urchins. He thrived on bringing the fears of people to life, which he did so well that people were regularly reported to have fainted the performances that took place. Stabbed in the Eye? Acid in the Face? It was just a normal day at the theater when visiting the Grand Guignol.

The theater is surrounded by very unusual and unique history that is both dark and eery, but there was something else going on at the Grand Guignol. It was something as sinister as the productions that were staged. While on the outside, Metenier was celebrated as an original who embraced naturalism in his performances, on the inside he was something else entirely. He was a depressed soul and a sadist, who not only dabbled in the dark arts but mastered them.

Much in the way that the Illuminati brings rituals to live via television and awards shows these days, Metenier would bring rituals to life in his plays. The murder of innocent people, sexual "rituals" with prostitutes, and descriptive epithets that doubled as magical prose brought metaphysical and supernatural forces to life within his theater. The people who attended were mostly unaware and many of the people who fainted during his performances did so because of the change in spiritual energy in the theater. More on this in a second.

Yet, people came and people enjoyed his productions. In fact, the smallest theater in France became one of the most wildly successful. Throughout the years the theater changed leadership and eventually become more high-tech in what it could do. An article in a 1957 New York Times Magazine article described how patrons of the theater would call for doctors or police, convinced that what they were seeing was real. If you want, you can do a quick online search for Le Théâtre du Grand-Guignol. Its entire history will be revealed to you. However, I'm here to discuss something far darker than what the performance outwardly appeared to be.

As I have stated prior, Metenier was eccentric. He was somewhat reclusive and suffered from depression. You might not find evidence of this doing a quick search online, but I have spoken to people who know things- even some of the immortal sorcerers who previously attended his shows in the 1800s and beyond- and they all concur that Metenier was somewhat off. I mean, you'd almost have to be to envision some of the things that he produced. What takes the cake, though, is his proudest creation which he calls Theatre Des Ames, which means Theater of Souls.

Earlier I mentioned that the performances that were undertaken by Metenier were really rituals that went incognito to the untrained eye. I also told you that the people of the audience were unwilling participants. This is because the rituals that were performed by the players that were employed by the theater and ultimately Metenier required a massive amount of human energy. What a better way to get the energy flowing than to put hundreds of people together in a packed theater and show them scenes that get their endorphins going. Yes, Metenier might have been mad, but as with the majority of mad people, he was also a genius.

The rituals that were performed live were curated by Metenier to bring forth souls of those who have passed on. They were also curated to bring forth demons and other powerful entities that were in spiritual form. He had the place spelled so that the entities that were summoned during his performance could not leave the theater house. They were locked in a realm that they could not escape from, thriving off the energy and emotions of those who were present to watch his performances.

The performances at Le Théâtre du Grand-Guignol were double-entendres. One audience would see the physical and another audience, never more than 10-12 individuals, would the metaphysical production. They were given special glasses that were created by Metenier so they could see the souls and entities that were summoned one by one. This audience reserved the right to bid on the entities, which were then either summoned or duplicated into metaphysical pieces.

Obviously, some of them, such as demons had to be duplicated. The thing is, you would think that demons would have had the power to destroy Metenier's plan, but since they were technically summoned into a sacred place there was not much they could do. Metenier had them in a chokehold and honestly-- they were happy to be released back to the pits of Hell after agreeing to have their powers duplicated. Rather that than being trapped in a piece owned by a mortal, right?

Either way, this went on for a long time. Innocent people that attended shows were depleted of entire parts of their soul. Their lives were cut short. They fell victim to dark energies and forces. Very few of them experienced demonic possessions of their own. It's like this whole portal was opened in the theater through which many sinister forces were called-- some not-- but most of them sinister. The regular souls that were conjured were conjured at random, each contained an innate ability that was desirable to the metaphysical audience that was watched the Theatre Des Ames.

Honestly, I'm not certain if this Theatre Des Ames still exists somewhere or not. My guess is that it does, but we can never be sure. We have not come across a relocation of the theater as of yet. What we did come across is a pair of the glasses that were hand-crafted with magic by Metenier. Do not worry, these glasses are not evil. They will not harm you. Originally, these glasses allowed you to peer into the lenses and see the spiritual world and the souls and spirits that exist around you. It opened up a portal between the physical and metaphysical world that allowed you to experience the metaphysical realm alongside the physical.

The piece still does ALL OF THAT. However, we have boosted what these glasses will offer you. Not only does it do all of that, but it allows you to use your mind as a sort of metaphysical projector. You will be able to think of a spirit or a soul, even a demon or an angel, in your mind. This presence will appear to you through the glasses. You will see them in their spiritual form. You will be able to communicate with them as if they were really there.

Furthermore, you will be able to duplicate their presence within your own body, if you choose to. By this, I mean that you will be able to acquire their knowledge, their magic, and anything else desirable that they have to offer. This will be done through a transference of power that is facilitated using your eyes, which are the windows to your very soul.

As if that wasn't enough, you can also use these glasses to peer into other realms and to absorb the energies and magic of those realms.  During testing, we used these glasses to see into places such as Heaven, the Cosmic Brain, Hell, Atlantis, Asgard, Mount Olympus, and other spiritual places that exist on the astral levels.



These glasses were first made in the 1880s, prior to the opening of Le Théâtre du Grand-Guignol by Metenier. He made this particular pair for himself, as I've told you before he had an obsession with the metaphysical and the occult. These are very old. They are original. They are extremely powerful and should be treated as such!