Les Patriarches de Belgique and the Cathari Vampire
Les Patriarches de Belgique and the Cathari Vampire
Les Patriarches de Belgique and the Cathari Vampire
Les Patriarches de Belgique and the Cathari Vampire
Les Patriarches de Belgique and the Cathari Vampire

Les Patriarches de Belgique and the Cathari Vampire

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This ring is gorgeous and is made from 14k gold.  

We got this piece from an underground market in Wilmington of all places.  It seems like Wilmington, among crime and shady activities, is rife with paranormal traders of all kinds.  This is actually a very recent thing.  I’m not sure what exactly is going on there, but it seems to be a hotbed for the underground at present.  The place that we got this piece is called the Vampire Emporium.  We’d love nothing more than to tell you where this piece is from exactly, but we literally cannot.  We were blindfolded and put into the back of a van.

When we got out of the van we were spun around a few times and then marched through a narrow and dank smelling hallway until we were finally taken through a solid oak wood door and unmasked.  It was more of a process than trying to buy a Gucci bag from a street vendor in New York, so we’re not really sure where the place is at exactly.  All we know is that it is definitely underground and that it is somewhere in Wilmington.  We also know that they have some of the most powerful items that you will ever encounter.  

The piece we are offering is one that was made by a coven of vampires that calls themselves Les Patriarches de Belgique.  They have been operating out of Europe since the Middle Ages and are directly responsible for the Belgian Revolution of 1830.  It is not that they really cared about the mortals’ independence from the Netherlands, but rather that they wanted an independent state whose government they could control.  The Netherlands stayed the Netherlands, Luxembourg was too small, but Belgium was a match to their liking.  

In Belgium, the Patriarchs were have controlled every aspect of life since the 1800s.  This is important for them because as many vampires do they survive on blood.  It’s not that they couldn’t get the sustenance they need from other resources, but human blood is like a drug for them.  We met a few members of the Patriarchs when we were at the Vampire Emporium.  One a younger looking guy named Charles, whose energies were not as deep-rooted as the second guy.  His name was Louis and his mannerisms were much more polished.  He was a true immortal, hailing from the Babylonian era and actually having studied in the Tower of Babel before its destruction.  He prefers his blood out of a wine glass, whereas Charles was more of a blowhard.  We could tell he was just around for muscle.

When we met him he led us down another hallway into separate quarters where, instead of heavy metal rock music, a nice melodic opera was playing.  He went to a cedar chest, opened it, and pulled out a small velvet bag.  Out of the velvet back he pulled out several items that he laid on the table.  He invited us to try each of the pieces on.  I stood back and let Deedee do the teste.  She tried on each of the pieces and then decided on the one that you see listed here.  When she was ready to make her purchased, Louis simply gazed into her eyes.  For a moment they were stuck in some kind of psychic link after which Louis simply replied, “interesting.”  I still don’t know what that was about and Deedee won’t talk about it.  

What I do know is that this piece is incredibly powerful.  It holds the soul of a Cathari vampire who was killed by a Spanish vampire hunter who poached the vampire for his blood.  The hunter bathed in the blood, which gave him the knowledge of the Cathari.  This knowledge is ancient dual knowledge, as the Cathari are known as dualists and are often called the “pure ones.”  This is due to the purity of their knowledge which they receive both from the Divine Presence and the Cosmic Center of the Universe.  I’m not sure what you’ve learned about the Cathari or why they challenged the Catholic Church in the first place, but I’m telling what we have been told by the vampire, whose name is Alfonse.  

Alfonse does not require blood as he receives his knowledge from ethereal means.  He is an energetic vampire, which is the most powerful kind-- even more powerful than sanguine vampires or white light vampires.  This is because energetic vampires thrive on energies.  They can absorb any energy and they can synthesize this energy into any ability they need or want.  Sexual energy, blood energy, ritual energy, Cosmic energy, randomly occurring energy-- it doesn’t matter.  If there is energy the Cathari can absorb it and use it.  I mean, simply being in the sun is enough for the Cathari vampire to internalize the energy then use his intrinsic bodily alchemy to change this energy into magic.  

What you are getting with this piece is the ability to access Alfonse’s ability.  When wearing the piece you will be able to develop a very close and secure connection with the Cathari vampire.  He will become like a mentor and friend.  He has many forms of ancient knowledge that he can “upload” into you simply through developing this connection.  He has been around for a very long time, having been born to a vampire that was even older and more prestigious than Louis.  Alfonse carries what would be considered a “thoroughbred” vampire bloodline.  

Through using this piece Alfonse will give you the powers and abilities that you ask for.  If there is something that he does not know or cannot give you, he will make it his point to acquire that magic, because he does not like to disappoint.  He creates this magic through the ingestion of cosmic energies, which he will get from visiting the astral and quantum planes.  You will never need to do anything will blood, as this is not Alfonse’s way nor is it his preference.  He prefers the unadulterated energies that come directly from the universe and he has the ability to travel to get them.  He will synthesize this energy into the powers and abilities that you want and they will become yours through an energetic alchemy process where he emits the energy and it permeates into your metaphysical makeup.  You won’t feel the process taking place, but it will.  

Disclosure-- Alfonse may or may not appear to you in physical form.  He may just show up in the telepathic form during meditation.  You’ll feel his energy and presence, but you may not see his actual shape.  Some testers saw him.  Others did not.  I don’t know if it has to do with how often you are working with the piece or if it’s just his preference, but I wanted to let you know this upfront.   This doesn’t alter how powerful this piece is or what it can do for you, only the type of experience you will have.  Either way, this piece will do incredible things for you!!  The best part about it is that this piece was made by Les Patriarchs de Belgique out of 14k gold.  This is a top-quality piece with premium and very powerful magic.  You do no want to miss out on this one!!