Living the LIfe of Jesus
Living the LIfe of Jesus

Living the LIfe of Jesus

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This piece is Italian.  It is made out of sterling and hand-blown glass.

We are calling this piece, "Living the Life of Jesus" and for very good reason. A few weeks ago, everybody was all up in arms over something called the Great Conjunction. This conjunction happens only once every 20 years but was the closest the two involved planets-- Venus and Jupiter-- would be since the 17th Century Grand Conjunction. It was a conjunction that allowed the two planets to open up an astral gateway. While this wouldn't affect people regularly, those who know the importance of what was truly going on were able to access the power, but only if they had a piece that allowed them to do so safely.

Of course, we are in a group of people who have given ourselves all sorts of means. We were able to summon and retain the knowledge of the Grand Conjunction. The energies of the Grad Conjunction opened up a portal through which the soul could transcend. On the other side was a time loop of the life of Jesus Christ on the other. While most people were not able to access this magic, there are a few who were. we were one of them. We placed the energies of the cosmic even into this piece.

When wearing this piece it allows you to re-open the portal created by the Grand Junction. You will travel through to the other side, where you will join Jesus Christ at his birth. You will walk with him through his life, including his journeys and voyages through the rest of the world when he was traveling in search of enlightenment before his baptism with John the Baptist. He traveled and learned from the Yogis. He traveled and learned from the Greeks. He traveled and learned from the Egyptians.

When wearing this piece you will be able to watch his experiences as if you were a fly on the all. you will gain all of Jesus' secret teachings including Transcendental Magic, the ability of Alchemy of the Soul, and of course the ability to grant miracles when you need. This piece is super powerful for what it does and you will not find another one like it. This piece allows you to actually observe what went on during Je sus' life while absorbing the magic that goes along with each shared experience. You will grow in both knowledge and white light power.