Lóng bànlǚ [Dragon Companion]
Lóng bànlǚ [Dragon Companion]

Lóng bànlǚ [Dragon Companion]

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This is a sterling silver piece of Asian origins, specifically Chinese.   This piece was cast and created by a Chinese adept of the ancient magic of the Orient.  This magic included things such as alchemy, sorcery, transcendence, astral travel, and many others.  He took for himself a companion named Xiǎopéngyǒu, which literally means "little friend."  Lucky for you he has a nickname and will answer to Xi (pronounce as Zi, rhymes with die).  

Xi is the spirit of an ancient dragon that has been around since the creation of the Earth.  He is a knowledgeable and powerful entity, fierce and independent.  Yet the magic of the Chinese adept was powerful enough to tame the dragon.  He has since turned docile and acts more like a pet than anything-- a very, very magical pet.  He will do many things for you. 

First and foremost your dragon will travel the astral realms and bring back wealth energies of all sorts.  He will lay this wealth at your feet allowing you to become wealthy.  

Xi will act as familiar and will carry your messages into the spiritual world and will bring you messages from the spiritual world.  This includes messages of wisdom and magic or simple messages to the other side.  

Your new companion dragon will teach you the ancient magic of the Orient, as he was trained by his master (the Chinese sorcerer mentioned above.)  This is all sorts of magic, as I told you earlier.  It includes all the magic listed, plus more that he will reveal to you when you bond and connect with him.  

Xi is very territorial and will protect you from any entities that wish you harm.  He will also guide you through life, allowing you to experience the blossoming and fruition of everything you've ever wanted to accomplish.