Magen David

Magen David

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This piece was created by a Polish Kabbalist.  He gained immortality sometime in the 19th Century and has been around ever since them.  Deedee was put into contact with him by Tomer and we sometimes offer his pieces on the website.  

We call this particular piece the Magen David, because well... that's what it is.  It is a sterling silver Star of David pendant.  It holds the magic of the Shield of David.  Above all else, this piece is a protection piece the summons God to the forefront of your life.  He will personally clear your path and allow you to achieve the success you want, all while keeping you safe and sound from the encroaching forces of evil that lurk around every corner.  

Aside from this, you will be able to choose 6 powers that this piece will give to you.  Each of the points on this star represents an energetic pool that has been cast into this piece.  They are masses of white light energy that have yet to be formed into any particular power or ability.  When you purchase this piece you will determine what powers and abilities these pieces will hold.  You will communicate this to God and he will craft the white light magic to fit what you have asked for.  

This piece will not grant immortality and it will not allow you to kill.  Those are the only stipulations.  Other than that anything is pretty on the table.  This is a very powerful piece, which obviously goes without saying.  It is a piece that you will literally transform to meet your own expectations with the magic and the power that you want.  I'm not entirely sure how the Polish Kabbalist who made this was able to create such a powerful piece, but he said something about a face to face encounter with the Lion of Judah.