Magic of the Seven Judges
Magic of the Seven Judges

Magic of the Seven Judges

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The piece you are getting is size 12 sterling silver ring with a lapis lazuli ring.  This ring holds amazing powers.  Read below to find out more!  The pictures of this ring have been extracted from a youtube video we did with the piece that can be seen by using the following link:


There is not much to say as to how we got this piece.  It was easily attainable and that is that.  There is no story or background information that we need to release other than the fact that this piece has remained in the family of an Iranian family that can trace their roots the whole way back to the original Sumerians that occupied the lands in ancient times.  Their family is part of a network of families that practices Islam on the outside, but only because they have to.  The secretly practice the religion of the ancients, including the veneration and communication wit the ancient gods call the Annunaki.  

The ancient Sumerians had an abundance of knowledge and with that knowledge, they were able to know things even in ancient times that modern people know nothing about.  An example of this was the fact that rocks and stones could be used to store energies and even entire hosts of spirits.  This is why the valued the Earth and not only the living components of Earth but the non-living components.  They knew that each element of the Earth brings about a special attribute or ability, with one of the most powerful elements being a stone call Lapis Lazuli. 

The Sumerians were able to figure out ways that they could conjure the presence of their gods and goddesses into the Lapis Lazuli because the stone has the spiritual properties to be able to do so.  They created different stones and stone carvings that contained some of the Annunaki gods and goddesses, but very few were able to actually hold the entire pantheon.  The ring that we are offering that we received from the Iranian family that we told you bout.  We didn’t force them or bribe them or anything.  They offered this piece willingly because they actually owned two of them.  One was ancient and one was not.  They kept the original and entrusted us to find a responsible home for this one.   

This ring is powerful because it holds the presence of the entire Annunaki pantheon.  They are An, Enlil, Enki, Ninhursag, Nanna, Utu, and Inanna.  Each one of them holds their own powers.  An is the god of the sky who grants celestial wisdom and magic.  Enlil is the divine connection between heaven and earth who grants divinity to those who seek it.  Enki is the god of creation who allows those who access his magic to create the magic they desire.  Ninhursag is the mother goddess who will care for you, protect you, and allow you to overcome all of your obstacles.  Nanna is the god of the moon and father of all magic and can be called upon for the granting of magic, but also knowledge.  Utu is the sun god the god of enlightenment and of justice.  He will grant you enlightenment in its purest form and will allow you to create our own destiny.  Inanna is the twin sister of Utu.  Both are the children of Nanna and Inanna carries the same legacy as her father.  She can grant magic and she also helps with overcoming any obstacles that present themselves to you.  

Altogether, the deities open up a gate of magic that you will able to access through the powers of your mind and also your third-eye chakra.  These powers can then be manifested in the physical realm.  The Seven Annunaki, also called the Seven Judges will be your guide into this realm of magic and you can call upon them to bring you the power and the abilities that you desire.  Alternatively, you can call upon them to grant you the individual powers that they have also.