Masquerade of Blood
Masquerade of Blood
Masquerade of Blood
Masquerade of Blood

Masquerade of Blood

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Let me just get to the point with this piece. It's not for the faint of heart. We've had to go underground to find this piece. It is a project that we've been working on for a while. I'm not going to get into the particulars of the investigation because I don't want to give up our sources. Let's put it this way, for as many people that are working for the dark forces, there are a surprising number of people who are covertly trying to sabotage what they have going on. That's how we ended up with this piece in the first place. We agreed to do a ton of white light spiritual work on this piece to make it dual, so that way the people who use this piece don't have to use inherently evil magic because prior to us working on it that's precisely what it was.

What I'm about to tell you isn't for those of you with a weak stomach. Remember I told you that there has been an uptick in human trafficking. I mean, you'd have to be totally ignorant of the whole world in order not to know that this is going on. However, of late the crap has totally hit the fan and people have been disappearing left and right. That's because as the world enters the New Age-- I know that we've been practically preaching this lately, but that's because it's coming-- there are a lot of rituals that need to be performed in order to ready everything for the Prince of Darkness.

One of these rituals is called the Hunt of the Damned. This is a ritual that symbolizes the innumerable years that Satan has been on the hunt for souls to help him try and take over Heaven in the epic battle that awaits us all. It's inevitable. The people who have been kidnapped-- some of them children-- were place in a dark room illuminated only with blood-red lights. People who are there to take part in the ritual enter the room from different doors located throughout the room.

To set the proper scene, it is a gymnasium-like room and there are a least a dozen innocent people in there and probably twice as many people who are there for the hunt. One by one they are led into the room that is lit only by red lights. They are all dressed in masks that look like the horned god. They vary slightly but are mostly the same. Then somebody blows this little horn that honestly sounds like a very, very deep alpenhorn. The people in the masks begin to charge at the highly disturbed people that were placed in the room. I mean, they obviously have no idea what's going on and they are highly freaked out.

Just to be clear, we didn't attend this ritual, it was reiterated to us. The people in attendance are those that would typically take part in these types of shenanigans. They are wealthy, rich, elite people who rule the world. Anyway, the goat-mask people begin chasing the other around, slicing them open with oddly fashioned weapons. I'm sure they hold some type of significance, but we weren't there to see. They let these people bleed all over the place before gutting them. They then dance around in the blood and entrails all while the deep bellowing of the horn provides the eery music for their hunt.

Their antics bring forth all sorts of dark entities that join them in the hunt. Blood-curdling screams and cries for help resound through the room, but nobody will hear them because they are floors under the ground. Nobody is coming. The attendees that organized the meeting dance and cheer and welcome their Satanic subordinates to the Earth realm. They let the demons possess their bodies. Some of them continue dancing, some of them fall to the floor and begin writhing with the demonic presences that have taken home in their body.

During this process, some of the people that attend the ritual are wearing expensive pieces of jewelry. These pieces are them imbued with very, very potent power. The fear, the euphoria, the murder, the summoning of metaphysical entities, it all creates a very magically conducive environment. We are offering you a piece that was present at one of these rituals. This ritual took place during the Full Hunter's Moon, which oddly enough seems like an ironically appropriate time for this ritual to fall.

What does this piece do? Well, it brings 100% Soul Alchemy. This is the ability for you to open up your soul and allow it to become whatever you want it to be. It is entirely your choice. When using this piece your soul will be completely transformed into any soul of your choosing and there are no exceptions to this magic. It has been created with the soul alchemy of one dozen souls. Originally, this piece only allowed itself to be used in a very dark, sadistic way. We tried to block the dark components of it out, but we couldn't. Like I stated above, what we have been able to do is design this piece so that way it can be used for dark or white light purposes.

You can use this piece to assume the identity of an unlimited number of souls, but you can only become one at a time. You will assume the full identity of each soul, including their powers, which will stay part of your body after you transform your soul either back to your original state or into another soul.

The piece you are getting is very old. It is an antique stick pin with a beautiful green stoe. Instructions for use will be given to whoever purchases the item.