Mastering the Merkabah

Mastering the Merkabah

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This piece is the physical embodiment of the Merkabah. Merkabah is an ancient implement that is used by the ascended masters. They use this vehicle to connect with those in tune with the higher realms. These realms are the ultra-spiritual realms where an overlapping occurs. This overlapping is the tip-top realms of awareness for mortals and the lowest possible frequencies of existence for people who have become ascended masters. The Merkabah is a spiritual energy that acts as a vessel through which the ascended masters can reach people who have been enlightened to the point of being able to exist in these realms.

This piece comes from a secret monastery somewhere in the mountains of Tibet. Honestly, I don't a specific location for the monastery, as we were astrally transported there by one of the monks that live there. He visited us while he was bi-locating and agreed to meet us at another time when we could travel back with him, specifically for the acquisition of this piece.

This piece holds ancient Tibetan energetic magical flow that will enlighten your mind. This enlightenment will allow your mind to exist the higher spiritual realms. You will be given the energies of the Merkabah, which will allow you to reach out to the white light ascended masters. Through this connection, they will be able to funnel magic to you, which you will be able to manifest in the mortal realm. You can ask them for whatever type of magic you want. The chances are they will grant you whatever you ask for. I know this piece will not do immortality or otherwise mess with the life flow. However, all other magic is on the table. Keep in mind this is only for those of you who want to practice white light magic. It is not dark or dual at all.

The piece you are getting is a sterling ring with a genuine stone.  It can be worn on the finger or around the neck on a chain.