Mastering the Seven Deadly Djinn
Mastering the Seven Deadly Djinn
Mastering the Seven Deadly Djinn

Mastering the Seven Deadly Djinn

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The piece you are receiving is an antique ring with a gorgeous red stone!!  It's very powerful!!

We retrieved this piece on an investigation that we were on. I'll warn you from the beginning that this is not necessarily a white light piece. It isn't necessarily a dark piece either. It is a dual piece and the way you use the magic that is stored within is completely up to you.

We caught wind of a makeshift temple in a local near where I live in Pennsylvania. I called Deedee and we decided to go check it out. The rumor as that the temple was situated in a cave and that it was used by a local group of Satanist witches for sexual orgy magic and other magical rituals.

Turns out it's true, but the ritual that they were performing prior to us showing up went completely awry. What I mean by this is that they had their wards up so that way the spirits they were conjuring couldn't escape. However, the witches and one warlock that were doing the incantation to summon the spirits weren't powerful enough to command them. When we found them they were already dead and had been for some time.

The spirits they had summoned were seven ancient djinn who grant the magic associated with the seven deadly sins. Thus, they are called the Seven Deadly Djinn, but truth be told, if you handle them right they aren't any more deadly than a regular djinn is. This really leads me to believe the practitioners were amateurs or that there might have been a fifth party that had it in for them. Either way, they were overpowered by the djinn.

However, we were not at all overpowered by the djinn. They were kind of creepy in appearance though. It was dark in the cave and at first, we didn't notice them, because they are really good at masking their presence. It only took a minute or two though to see their piercing read eyes and their deranged looking smiles through the shadows. There was even one crawling up the wall.

No matter, we had a vessel and we put them all into the vessel. We also put a binding spell on the vessel. This means they will never be able to escape, nor will they be able to hurt you or do anything other than what you command them to do. Below is a list of the Seven Deadly Djinn and what they will do for you.

1.) Wrath-- He is a vengeance djinn and you can release him upon your enemies. Since he is under a binding spell, he can not kill. However, he can wreak unpleasant havoc upon somebody's life in ways that are unimaginable.

2.) Greed-- He is a djinn of abundance and can bring you whatever it is you want from the world of wealth. Wealth in business, wealth at the casino, a raise or bonus at the job, money from a lawsuit? This fella does it all!

3.) Pride-- This djinn will remove obstacles from your path and allow you to achieve and become successful in all your successes. Whether this is to become a successful athlete or a famous writer, whatever you want to accomplish in life will be yours.

4.) Envy-- This djinn will allow you to manifest the things that you want. I don't mean as far as wealth or your goals because we already have that covered. This piece will allow you to gain things such as love, marriage, a family, recognition, loyalty, meaningful relationships, etc.

5.) Gluttony-- This djinn is a djinn of gluttony, but it is not food. This djinn allows you to absorb magic. You can absorb magic from other people or places. You can absorb magic from magical items. You can absorb magic from sacred texts. You can absorb magic from the cosmos. Wherever there is a pool of magic in existence, this djinn will give you the ability to absorb, synthesize, and make it your own.

6.) Sloth-- The djinn grants you agelessness so that way you don't become old and useless. He grants power, vitality, energy, motivation, and drive and desire you need to get up and be somebody.

7.) Lust-- This djinn grants you beauty/handsomeness and amazing sexual energies. You emit pheromones that will make you irresistible. People won't be able to keep their hands off of you. Plus, this djinn will give you amazing sexual skills that you will be able to use to emit and receive the most mind-blowing orgasms you've ever achieve.