Mind's Eye of the Pyramids
Mind's Eye of the Pyramids
Mind's Eye of the Pyramids
Mind's Eye of the Pyramids
Mind's Eye of the Pyramids

Mind's Eye of the Pyramids

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This piece didn’t necessarily come from an investigation.  It was more like a discovery.  Honestly, it was more like a meet and greet.  We know some people who know some people.  We were put in contact with a high priest of a hidden temple in Vermont.  This temple is a branch of a mystery school of which I wasn’t allowed to know the name.  It was funny how easy it was for us to get into the confine, but they really didn’t want to tell anything else.  

Either way, the temple was an inverted pyramid shape with the first few levels existing above ground to have a seemingly normal, albeit odd perfectly square appearance.  However, the pyramid reached way into the depths of the Earth, with the most narrow room at the bottom-- the capstone-- having enough room to comfortably fit a sizable altar and about four or five people.  

In the capstone of the inverted pyramid i where the fun happens.  The first thing that I noticed was a very large stone statue that overlooked a very modest appearing altar.  Nevertheless, the altar proved to be very powerful.  The pyramid-- the temple as they referred to it-- is home to some 100 initiates of the nameless mystery school that i told you about earlier.  

At the inverted apex of their temple-- their magical mystery school oasis-- was something that they call the Heart of Horus.  This piece is not an actual heart, rather it is a relic that holds a very particular magic.  Remember the statue that i told you about earlier?  Well, the statue isn’t exactly not alive.  Yes, I know what I said.  That means that the statue is very much alive.  It is a modern-day mortal oracle that has been created in the image of Horus, who is the god of magic and wisdom.  

What magic is it that is used to bring this giant golem to life?  You guessed it- the heart of Horus.  The mystery school brings Horus offerings and small sacrifices (not human) every day.  In return, they are allowed to access the deity whenever they choose to.  The only person that is actually authorized to do the communicating is the high priest.  However, those rules are subject to change, as others have tried in the past.  Some failed.  Some succeeded.  One nearly ended the world.  

The creepy things is that when we witnessed-- first-hand-- the life-giving ceremony to the stone statue, the entity already knew we were coming.  It was as if he was expecting us.  As he transitioned into his human form he began speaking a language none of us quite understood.  Long story short, he looked up to the sky a flame appear in his hand and when it was extinguished this piece was where is flame once was.  He simply pointed at us.  At this point, his thoughts came flooding into our own minds.  

The piece we offer is a gift from the gods for our work on Earth.  We’re humble, so we are passing it on (for a cost).   

We have worked tirelessly with this piece simply because it entails so much.  This piece is a life-transformation piece.  I don’t mean like one of the serious transformations we offer.  This is like a mini-transformation.  This power will extinguish the parts of your life that you no longer like and will rekindle a flame under the attributes that you choose.  Basically, this piece allows you to rework your life into what you want it to be.  

Additionally, this piece brings you the magic of the Eye of Horace, which is sometimes also referred to as the Eye of Ra.  This is the all-seeing eye that is depicted on the dollar bill.  With this eye, you will be able to “see” into the capstones of the many great pyramids of the world.  This includes the pyramids of Giza, but it includes all pyramids-- even the South and Central American ones, the ones in Asia, even that one that was found in Siberia.  This will bring a plethora of knowledge and magic to you simply because pyramids ar where knowledge and magic are bred and stored.

You can use this ability to either explore through the “mind’s eye” of the pyramid and see what you can find, or you can take control and emit mental images of the power that you want to acquire and this piece will manifest it for you.  The choice yours.  Either way, the piece is very powerful and will bring with a world of change!!