Miracles from the Hill of Tara
Miracles from the Hill of Tara

Miracles from the Hill of Tara

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This is another Irish piece coming to you just in time for Saint Paddy's Day. This particular piece holds the energies of a very sacred place in Ireland. It is called the Stone of Destiny on the Hill of Tara. You can read up on some more information about this stone and/or the Hill of Tara, but in a nutshell, the energies of the Stone of Destiny are capable of creating life miracles for those who embrace its power. For those who wish upon the Stone of Destiny, the Shining Ones shall hear your request. They will use their ancient magic powers to grant the miracles you have asked for.

There are basic constraints regarding the miracles that this piece will grant. It will not alter the life force-- no immortality, no curing of life-altering diseases, no immortality, stuff like that. Other than that the shining Ones will be able to grant you pretty much anything.