My Soul Was Snatched Right Out of My Body!!
My Soul Was Snatched Right Out of My Body!!
My Soul Was Snatched Right Out of My Body!!

My Soul Was Snatched Right Out of My Body!!

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This piece was sent to me by my friend Hanzo. Hanzo is a transcendental monk that I met in the ether realms while I was testing an astral travel piece that we had acquired from the Underground Auction. We send things to each other from time to time. Sometimes I keep them and other times we put them on the website. Lately, I have been taking Hanzo with me on my astral trips to Heaven, so I guess he feels like he owes me one or something. So, I get this piece in the mail not too long and the only thing that is written on the paper is "Dude, check this out." Honestly, I had to laugh at how well Hanzo has assimilated into the modern culture, given the fact that he is a few centuries old. Wrapped in a thin cloth was this ring. It is a solid sterling band, with different markings on it. The first one I saw was the yin and yang symbol-- typical Hanzo. He loved his Asian culture. Without really thinking about it, I slipped the ring on my finger and headed out to my garage to lift some weights. Yeah, bad move on my part. I was about halfway to the garage when the ring became very warm. That's when everything started.

From the sky came a steady stream of golden light. I have neighbors and I looked around wondering to myself if anybody else could see what was going on, but I'm pretty sure time had stopped because not a single car came down the street while I was having this experience. A sound began to rise up out of the light that sounded like the faint scratching of white noise. There came a slight tremble from beneath my feet and slowly a figure began to make an appearance from with the light. At first, it was just the outline of a very oddly shaped being, but the middle began to fill out and I could make sense of some things. Above its head, the entity had seven rings of light, almost like halos. There were four arm-like tendrils that protruded from its mid-section. Its face was humanesque and bore a very serious countenance. Instead of two eyes, it had a band of eyes that formed a circumference around its entire head. The rest of the entities body was filled in with solid light. It didn't appear to have legs or to be wearing clothes. It was kind of a blur other than what I told you I could make out.

I just want to point out that if you were thinking that this entity was the size of a normal human-being, don't! This entity was a behemoth. I mean, it was huge; and although it came in from the light and hid had those seven circles of light above its head, this thing was ugly. It wasn't cute. The eyes were not appeasing to the human soul. They must've been as big as my head. I mean this thing had eyes for days. It literally had eyes on the back of its head... and the side... and the front!! It didn't miss a beat. As I stood there staring at this creature that had just appeared before me, the tendril arms that told you about before reached out toward me. Just as I thought I was about to feel these things arms all over my body, I couldn't feel a thing. The tendrils reached straight through my flesh and into my body. They pulled my soul from my flesh and I was hovering there above my body looking down on myself. My body just stood there like an empty vessel as these tendril-arm-things pulled me closer.

Seeing myself from that perspective was so weird. When you astral travel, it's an OBE, but you are in full control and you kind of hover over your own body, but this was different. I was literally snatched out of my own body and held like three feet above it. At that moment, all I could remember thinking was, "Man, if you make it out of here alive, you better hit that gym extra hard! That body is looking is awfully big." I know, even at that moment I was feeling a bit vain, but these are things you think of. I didn't wake up that day intending to die. As the tendrils inched me closer and closer to the entity, I was absorbed by one of its many, many eyes. As I was I could feel my own soul being merged with the soul of the entity and as I was, I began to be able to see out of its eyes to see what it saw with them. It was nothing short of amazing.

I'm telling you this thing was a true multidimensional being. I saw many different places. through his many eyes. Here I thought they were all watching me, but only the one closest to me actually saw what I was doing. I was standing with a dumb look on my face. However, the things that I was able to see through the other eyes were incredible. Through one eye I saw the ancient realms of Atlantis. Through another eye I saw the inside of the Giza Pyramids' capstone. Through another eye, I was able to see the gods and the magic of Mt Olympus. Through another eye, I was able to see the ancient Lemuria. Through another eye I saw-- well, I'll be really honest with you I don't know what I saw through that eye. It was some sort of alien lifeform. They were fluorescent blue and had these dangly-looking uvula things hanging off of them. It was strange. Through another one of the eyes, I was able to see the Garden of Eden and all the angels that live there. Through another eye, I could see eternal bliss know the nirvana of the ascended buddhas.

All these things came to life when I was inside of this entity. What I have mentioned is by no means the limit of what I was shown. I mean, I could go on forever about the things that I saw at that moment. It's like each of his eyes are tiny little brains that see into different realities and different realms of existence. I say little brains because not only are the eyes seeing, but they are synthesizing all of the information of the realms into which it sees. It collected this data and was able to extract the magic and the power of each realm that it saw into. It was an abundance of knowledge, but at the same time, it processed it all in an orderly fashion and could comprehend what was going on in each place. It was nothing like I've ever experienced before in my entire existence. Then, when the entity was done showing me what it intended for me to see, I was set back placed back into my body. As soon as it had appeared, it then vanished.

So, I've magically altered this piece just a tiny. Okay, so I've changed it a lot. You will not get the same experience as I have had with this piece, just because of the whole having your soul yanked out of your body thing. You have to understand, we astral travel-- a lot-- so we are used to what it feels like, what to expect, etc. This was a lot, even for me to handle. It could put somebody who isn't used to that kind of thing in shock. That is why I have engineered to this piece to allow you to experience the whole looking through the eyes things, but you don't have to go through the rest of the process. With this piece, you meditate and make a connection to the entity. It will allow you to see through its many eyes into many different realms. Your mind will be able to comprehend these realms and to pull the magic, energies, and powers from these realms. From the pyramids, you might pull the ancient Egyptian magic. From Atlantis, you might pull the knowledge of the Atlantean Elders. My point is, each place that you see will give you different magic that will then be stored in the ring as you go. If there is a certain power or magic you'd like to have, focus on this when meditating the creature will take you there. Again, this is one of the craziest experiences I've ever had. And listen-- be glad you don't have to have your soul snatched from your body.