Nefertitian Ascension
Nefertitian Ascension

Nefertitian Ascension

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This is an older piece that we believe to be sterling silver.  It comes.from an alternate reality,.so there isn't really any sure way to tell.  Either way, it sure is powerfu read in to find out all the details!



As I am sometimes, I was awoken the other night by a dream. In the dream, a man dressed as a Pharoah came to me and offered me his hand. When he did, I was taken away to a foreign place. I don't mean a foreign country. Rather it was a realm that I had never seen or experienced before. I'm not exactly sure where I was taken to. It could have been somewhere in the pyramids. It could have been somewhere else. However, it was an alternate reality of some sort. It could have even existed somewhere else in space-time entirely. What I can tell you is there was a golden bust of Nefertiti.  


Her eyes were lit up like projectors and from them emanated something that I've never seen before. It was almost like an Akashic Hall of Records, only instead of recording the whole universe's history, it only recorded that of the Egyptians. More importantly, it revealed something very important to me. This is fresh and I don't think that it has ever been experienced or told to anybody prior or since.  


From the emanation in Nefertiti's eyes, I could see a new, separate civilization. This civilization was called Kemet, the name of ancient Egypt. It exists in a dimension s parallel to our human existence and it is a form of afterlife. The souls who exist some have been judged worthy in the Hall of Anubis.  


They are the souls of those who have broken free of the lifecycle routine that they had previously lived. After all, that is the whole point of existence-- to break free of this constant cycle of life and reincarnation. The goal is to ascend and live as your true self. That is what the entities in this new Kemet do.  


The Queen in this place is Nefertiti-- the one who ruled with Akhenaten during her mortal life. While she was alive she was a very wise and powerful queen. She helped her husband figure out the secrets of the Aten, start a new religious movement to worship only the Aten, and then grew in magic and knowledge as the Aten fed it to both her and her husband.  


With the magic that was given to her, she rebirthed the cosmos. This separate cosmic reality is the home to this new Kemet where thousands of entities live. Not only do they live as their true selves, but they have also been enlightened by the Aten as Nefertiti was during her reign as queen in Egypt. The entities live in a state of ethereal bliss with access to just about every kind of wisdom and power that has ever belonged to the ancient Egyptians.


This wisdom includes full dominion over the knowledge that is housed within the pyramids. It includes the wisdom of the Sphinx. It includes access to all deities of the Egyptian pantheon, including Horus and Isis, who are legendary masters of magical creation. This reality that Nefertiti built has proven to be an oasis of magic in an alternate reality that will never rescind from existence and where nothing unexpected can ever happen.  


What we are offering is an artifact that I was given before I left. We call this piece the Nefertitian Ascension. This piece came from a copper cauldron at the center of the realm. There were many pieces like this one there, but this is the one that was given to me. The piece is old, we think it is sterling silver, and the stone is real. The stone has been washed in Nerfertiti's blood.  


Nefertiti's blood creates an alchemic reaction with your energies that will spark the ascendance. This may take a matter of weeks, for some people months. It is worth the wait, though. The result is that you will be able to transcend to the new realm of Kemet. The lost secrets of the ancients, the pyramids, the Sphinx, and just about anything else you want to know regarding Egypt and/or Egyptian magic. This also includes the magic of the Valley of the Kings, the Avenue of Sphinxes, etc.  


This piece holds amazing magic and will completely change the way you do magic. It allows you to grab unlimited power, including energy that can be alchemically molded into the powers that you want them to become.