Nommo Destiny Speaker

Nommo Destiny Speaker

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Once again, the picture that we have for this piece was extracted from our Youtube video of the same piece.  You can find that video by using the following link:


This piece contains the presence of an entity called a Nommo.  If you have never heard of the term Nommo before I won’t blame you, because the legend of these entities flies a bit under-the-radar.  I’ll tell you now, though, their existence is quite more than a legend.  It is very literal and extremely powerful.  

Nommo is the name given these entities by a group of Africans that settled what is now known as Mali in ancient times.  They are believed to be descended from the Egyptians, which would explain their interest in the stars.  The Dogon were very cosmic people after having first been visited by the Nommo in ancient times.  The Nommo gave the Dogon knowledge of the universe, including a second Sirius Star-- Sirius B-- that wasn’t even photographed by humans for the first time until 1970 something.  

This is not the only knowledge that the Nommo gave the Dogon.  They also told them Jupiter had four moons and that Saturn has rings.  They also gave them many forms of stellar and cosmic energies and the ability to use these energies to create their own magic, which they did.  This magic has allowed them to thrive to this day.  Their numbers flourish in 800,000s with no sign of weakening.  

This piece is one such example of the magic that has been passed down to the Dogon from the Nommo.  This piece is a cosmic magic that traps the presence of an ancient Nommo inside.  This particular Nommo has the ability to speak destiny into existence.  It does so with an ancient knowledge that is written in the stars, which the Nommo have been able to harvest and make their own  

When you own this piece you will be able to connect to this Nommo form.  You will be able to tell the Nommo what you want your future to entail and the entity will speak it int existence.  You may or may not hear him do it, but it will be done and it will be manifest.  You know, for being extremely ugly and amphibious the Nommo are definitely a very powerful and intelligent race of extraterrestrials.  They have granted the Dogon a plethora of magic and they will also grant you the magic that you need through creating your own destiny when you own this piece!