Norse Energy Absorption Sphere-- Powers of the Divine
Norse Energy Absorption Sphere-- Powers of the Divine
Norse Energy Absorption Sphere-- Powers of the Divine
Norse Energy Absorption Sphere-- Powers of the Divine
Norse Energy Absorption Sphere-- Powers of the Divine
Norse Energy Absorption Sphere-- Powers of the Divine

Norse Energy Absorption Sphere-- Powers of the Divine

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This piece is sterling silver and adjustable.  Read below to find out all that this piece will do for you!

The piece that we are offering is something called an energy absorption sphere. These spheres are specifically designed to hold the energies of souls and/or other metaphysical entities. In this case, the entities that this piece holds are those of ancient Norse origin. We received this piece from a Norse sorcerer that we met at the underground auction. He told us that he has spent years creating this piece and that the magic that is held within is incredible. We have tested this piece and we concur that this piece is definitely very powerful! The sorcerer says that it is the most powerful piece that he ever worked with!!

How does this piece work? Each entity is summoned into the sphere and then released. A piece of each of the entities that have been summoned into this piece remains with the sphere and can be summoned in full spiritual form by the person who is using it. In this particular case, the presence of many Norse gods and goddesses have been implanted into the energy absorption sphere. We will give you a list of the gods and goddesses that are present in this piece, along with one entity below.

In the meantime, this is how you will use the piece. You will wear the piece either on your finger or on your a chain around your neck. You will simply meditate with the piece and call the entity that you want to work with forward. The entity will then come forward in their spiritual form. You will be able to hold full psychic communication of the mind that will be facilitated between you and the entity that you choose to communicate and work with. It is a simple, but very powerful process. Below are the god and goddesses you can choose to work with and the powers they will grant you.

1.Vale: He is the son of Odin and is a god of vengeance. Not only will he protect you from people who plot against you (including supernatural plots such as possession), but he will cast revenge upon those who have done you wrong.

2.) Vidar: He is a god that will grant you unparalleled strength, vitality, and an overwhelming sense of life and vigor. He will help you overcome all of your obstacles.

3.) Hel: She is the goddess and ruler of the Underworld. She will help you facilitate communication with the dead, including the ability to summon the magic of souls that have passed on.

4.) Heimdall: He is the liaison god that sits atop the Rainbow bridge between Midgard and Asgard. When you call upon him he will facilitate astral journies into the realms of Norse divinity known as Asgard. The powers and magic in this realm are plentiful and you can bring them back with you to Midgard.

5.) Freyr: He is the god of fertility and was called upon to grant a bountiful harvest. He is a well-respected god of prosperity and wealth. When working with this deity can tell him the type of wealth that you most desire and he will grant it to you.

6.) Freya: He is one of the most sensual goddesses of the Norse pantheon. She grants beauty and love for those who seek it. She grants comprehension to men trying to understand women, which could be a great knowledge to have!

7.) Thor: He is famously known for his bravery, strength, and healing powers. He is known as the protector of humankind and will protect you from all things spiritual and physical. His mighty hammer will help you smash your opponents and overcome all obstacles you face. He will also grant you his bravery, his strength, and the ability to self-heal.

Loki: He is the shape-shifting god who will allow you to take astral form and travel among the astral planes. He will give you the ability to take any form you want on the astral plane-- vampire, djinn, werewolf, etc.-- and you will not only take that form, but you will accrue the powers associated with it. You can use this aspect of the piece as many times as you wish to accrue as much knowledge and magic as you wish.

Balder: He is the transient being who travels between Heaven and Earth. He is the epitome of radiance, beauty, kindness, and fairness. He will not only give you full spiritual healing and cleansing, but he will open up your pituitary gland and grant you full psychic awakening. He will also give you a connection to the Cosmos, which you will be able to use to create your own magic.

Frigg: She is the mother-goddess and the wife of Odin. She grants many things including beauty, love, fertility, protection, control of the four elements, etc. She will grant you those things with this piece, but she also will grant you control over your own fate, as she was also the one the controlled fate in the Norse Pantheon.

Odin: He is the Allfather of the Aesir. He has unlimited knowledge of the universe that was given to him while he was hanging from the World Tree, Yggdrasil. He will pass you this knowledge, which includes the knowledge of the runic alphabet and the ability to unlock numerous mysteries of the universe.

Jormunganr:  He is not a Norse god, but rather is an entity.  He grants you the knowledge of the lifecycles of the Earth.  This will allow you to evolve your mind into that of a highly enlightened individual who can tap into the powers of the elements and the knowledge of Yggdrasil, the World Tree.