Offerings of the Ancient One
Offerings of the Ancient One
Offerings of the Ancient One

Offerings of the Ancient One

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This is another vintage piece.  This piece holds the spiritual essence of an ancient siren.  she is either that ancient that she doesn't have a name or she will reveal it to you once she is in her permanent home.  Either way, we don't have it.  The fact is that this entity doesn't have a specific power or ability that she offers you.  She pretty much does it all.  I mean, when I say she is ancient I mean she is ANCIENT.  She has had a little while to fester in the energies of the Earth and come up with some stuff.  To summon her for your magic, you will open up the shell and place a cone of incense on it.  You will allow this incense to burn while you sit in front of it and mentally project what you would like the siren to do for you.  Then, you will wear the necklace under your shirt until the next day.  At that point, the siren will begin helping you achieve whatever it is you wanted from her.  Below are some of the ways she can help you.  

1.)  Give you seductive powers over the mind

2.)  Grants true love

3.)  Grants Wealth

4.)  Grants Beauty 

5.)  Grants rejuvenation and energy

6.)  Psychic enlightenment

7.) Grants opening of paths/overcoming of obstacles

8.) Protection from evil spirits.

9.) Spiritual Healing

10.)  Fulfillment of dreams/successes