One-of-a-Kind German, "SS" Artifact Ring-- Extremely Powerful
One-of-a-Kind German, "SS" Artifact Ring-- Extremely Powerful
One-of-a-Kind German, "SS" Artifact Ring-- Extremely Powerful
One-of-a-Kind German, "SS" Artifact Ring-- Extremely Powerful
One-of-a-Kind German, "SS" Artifact Ring-- Extremely Powerful
One-of-a-Kind German, "SS" Artifact Ring-- Extremely Powerful

One-of-a-Kind German, "SS" Artifact Ring-- Extremely Powerful

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If you are looking to own a piece of history magic, now is your chance.  We found this piece at the Underground Auction and we had to pay a pretty penny to get it.  Let me just be really up-front and clear about this piece.  We will never have another one.  We have been searching for one of these pieces for some time now to no avail up until now.  This piece is incredibly rare

The piece is a Sterling Silver, antique, piece of memorabilia.  It was an actual piece that was given by Hitler to some of the highest-ranking members of the Nazi Party.  They weren’t just members of the Nazi Party, either.  They were members of a group of men that Adolf Hitler held in high esteem and close confidence.  They were called the Secret League.  Members of the Secret League included the likes of Heinrich Himmler, Adolf Eichmann, Joseph Goebbels, Hermann Goring, and others.  

Among the group of men that Hitler entrusted to his Secret League was one Heinrich Muller.  He was the leader of Hitler’s secret police known as the Gestapo.  He was specifically known for his cold and short-tempered demeanor.  For this, he earned the name the Blonde Beast.  He was present at the Wannsee Conference and had a heavy hand in the implementation of the Final Solution.  I”m only telling you all this to give you a little bit of background about Muller himself.  He was a dedicated statesman who would do anything for his country and his fuhrer.  

If you could not have guessed, the base for the meetings of the Secret League was Wewelsburg Castle, which served as the base for many of the occult and paranormal goings-on of the Nazi Party.  It was at this place the Secret League held their meetings simply because they could keep them secret.  Also, the power and energy necessary for them to hone their craft already existed in this place.  If they were lucky enough they received one of Hitler’s most prized rings.  He called them the Token of the Secret League.  

It is also noteworthy that, to date, Heinrich Muller is the highest-ranking Nazi official to have never been captured.  There are reasons for this that we will get into in just a little bit.  For now, simply know that Heinrich Muller was given one of the Tokens of the Secret League.  He was never fond, which means his toke was never found.  That is, his Token was never found until now.  It is amazing the things that you can find at the Underground Auction.  

I’ll just jump right into this one.  This ring is not just a ring, but it is a gateway to magic.  It was created in Wewelsburg Castle where there existed a portal through which Hitler could travel.  There was no official terminology to the place that he would travel.  We call it the Realm of Realization because it was simply an energy space that he could go to think.  There was a door in the basement that he could walkthrough, where there exists nothing but pitch black and his own thoughts.  The things that he would think of would come to life, which is how he was able to create these pieces.  He could materialize these pieces and program them to his own specification.  In that way, this piece is distinctly one-of-a-kind simply given the fact that there is not another one EXACTLY like it.  

 This piece was a metaphysical weapon.  The person wearing this piece is able to physically manipulate another person, even to the point of causing death.  Muller was the Gestapo Commander-in-Chief.  He could simply look at a person and cause them to have a heart attack at will.  He could enter the brain and scramble their mind.  He could have them drop dead of an aneurysm in the brain.  He could cause them mental anguish.  He could cause mental distortions and sounds, even visual hallucinations if he so chose.  It was the ultimate torture weapon used not only of their experimentations on Jews but the torture of their Prisoners of War.

This piece allowed Muller to shapeshift and to form-shift into any entity that he wanted to become.  During his shifting, he became many things, including the likeness of a Russian General and a British Spy.  On the other hand, this piece also allowed him to take the form of many metaphysical entities from which he drew supplemental power.  These powers were easily manifested simply because he had his Token to guide him.  

I’m not going to lie, it will take some time-- but this piece will do the same for you.  Yes, I’m talking about full in-the-flesh shapeshifting.  You must understand that this is a process and must be worked upon.  Don’t expect to put this piece on and think to yourself, “I want to be a djinn” and then you instantly become one.  As I said, it is a process including an extensive bonding period with the Token.  This is how Muller is able to go on undetected and has never been captured.  He looks different all the time.  Kind of hard to catch somebody when a.) the subject you are trying to capture is a literal human chameleon and b.) the intelligence officials chasing him down don’t know about his magic.  

This piece allowed Heinrich Muller and his comrades to create and implement a Fountain of Youth.  This Fountain of Youth wasn’t just responsible for stopping the aging process, but it completely and totally reversed it.  It granted those who tapped into total immortality.   It also fortified them with vitality and virility.  It made them manlier, stronger, gave them more energy, making them faster, and quicker witted.    It transformed them to exist in their prime.  They might have left body doubles in their place when they committed suicide, but they all got away and they are all living stellar lives.  

This piece gave the Nazis and will give whoever is wearing it a full-fledged, full-form awakening.  This grants you what you would consider your typical psychic awakening, except you will especially psychic to that sort of thing-- empathy, seeing spirits, being shown future events in dreams and visions, even being able to pick up on somebody’s psychic scent.  It allows you to scan other people’s bodies and pull their powers and abilities into yours.  It allows you to tap into a network of knowledge and magic called the Infinite Mind of the Fuhrer.  

The Infinite Mind of the Fuhrer is a miniature Akasha that is dedicated to a network of magic that was developed by the Nazis at W. Castle.  This network was a futuristic type of magic that was acquired by frequency resonations that altered their minds and perceptions.  This allowed them to receive magic from Alien races via long-range RF signals that enlighten the mind, sharpen the mind, increase the mind’s capacity, and allow you to share the magic that is in this “metaphysical cloud” called the Infinite mind of the Fuhrer.  

There are tons of different types of magic that come along with this connection, including the ability to communicate with the real, live minds of all former members of the Secret League.  It also includes alien technology that will allow you to open astral doors to other places along the space-time continuum.  It will give you access to the cosmos, which will allow you to guide and manipulate Cosmic energies and to create power and magic with them.  You will be able to exist in the Cosmos and similar to the way this piece has been made, you will be able to create reality.  

Again, we got this piece from the Underground Auction.  Unfortunately, we cannot give you more information than that.  We cannot tell you who we got the piece from, but we don’t usually do that anyway unless it’s completely relevant to you using the piece.  In this case, it is not.  Look, there are probably even more ways than what I have listed here in which you can use this piece.  Another example that I forgot to add that I can tell you right now is that it opens the mind to the knowledge of sacred numerology.  It opens the mind to divination, to the practice of alchemy, the practice of sorcery, and to the presence of the Ein Sof.  

This is not a cheap piece.  We are selling if for $2,500.00.  This piece is sterling silver and antique.  Remember, this piece is an actual piece of history.   It is sterling silver, it carries the “SS” emblem, and it has a stamp of authenticity on the band.  It is also stamped as .900 Sterling silver.  It is an actual artifact that was given from Hitler to Muller.  Muller used it to go into hiding and to perfect his own magic.  The Underground Auctioneer ended up with this piece.  Now it is your  turn to experience this magic!