Order of Calamus, Bite of the Vampire

Order of Calamus, Bite of the Vampire

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Sanguine vampirism can be traced back to Biblical times. Most people don't realize it, but Judas is the father of Sanguine vampires. This is not to say that he is the father of all vampires. There are other types of vampires. There are also spirit vampires that have since chosen to materialize in the physical form to become sanguine vampires.  



However, Judas is the father of sanguine vampires. This is because he betrayed the very blood, delivering Jesus to the Jews who took his life. This was the very blood that was spilled to save humanity. Judas has been set on earth in eternal form and made to drink the blood of humans in order to remind him of his betrayal.



The following of Judas as the All-Father of Sanguinity has become a cult in and of itself. There have been many people over the course of the years who have become part of the cult. For instance, Vladimir Tepes was a member who actually held the bloodline of Judas. There are other members, as well that you may or may not know by name. For instance, Aristotle Socrates Onassis was a confirmed member of the cult, having staged his own death in order to assume a new identity and live immortally.  



What we are offering is a piece that holds the spirit and soul of Judas' first "child". I use the world child to signify a vampiric offspring, but the man was actually fully grown at the time of his turning. The man was originally a follower of Christ, but when Judas became a vampire he became enamored with the powers that Judas acquired. His name is Calamus.  



Calamus has told us that the experience of experiencing the bite of a vampire was painful. Not everyone has this same experience, but he did. It was because he was bitten by the original. It was the venom that was injected into his blood to turn him that burned. He said that his body felt consumed with fire and that for seven days he experienced a sense of paralysis where he could do nothing but watch the world pass him by.  



He couldn't move his body, but that didn't mean he couldn't move his soul. It was during those seven days that Calamus discovered that he could leave his body and travel. He didn't exactly know how it worked, but when you can move for 24 hours a day, you pretty much figure things out quickly. Besides that, Judas had already become accustomed to astral travel and he met Calamus on the astral plane, to guide him.  



When we spoke to Calamus he told us that the first place that he visited in astral form was the Akasha. For those of you who don't know what the Akasha is, it is a cosmic hall of records that records every part of reality as it happens. In other words, there is a boatload of information. From magic to any other type of knowledge you would need, the Akasha, also called the Akashic Hall, has it recorded.  



Another place he went during his paralysis was to see through the Cosmic Eye. Judas took him there. He allowed him to see through the eye into the expanse of the universe that God has created. This included the many other worlds and variations of life that were created. It included time holes and different types of matter. It included different dimensions and realities. It was yet another way for Calamus to grow in knowledge, understanding, and power.  



Finally, when he was able to move after seven days, Judas took him for his first hunt. He crouched down behind a pile of wood waiting until Judas told him to pounce. Judas had not told him exactly what to do, but that didn't matter. It was an instinctual thing. As the lion hunts his prey, so the vampire hunts. It felt like he was moving in slow motion. Time nearly stood still as he made his way over to his host.  



It was an older man, one of the Pharisees who had tricked Judas into betraying Christ for 30 pieces of silver. Well, they didn't exactly trick him. They preyed on him in a time of vulnerability. So, the hunter became the hunted. It was Judas' vengeance. When Calamus neared the old man he could hear his blood rushing through him like a river. His razor-sharp incisors (more commonly referred to as fangs) sunk into the man's neck as his blood rushed into Calamus' mouth.  



By Calamus' own account, he felt a sensation of euphoria when he ingested the blood. He could see the old man's life flash before his eyes. While the man was a member of the Pharisees, he lived a double life as a Kabbalist sorcerer. All the knowledge of the Kabbalah Tree of Life, the 72 names of God, the Seal of Solomon, and the Star of David rushed through his veins and into his subconscious. The information and magic that the man carried with him became Calamus' knowledge.



Calamus drank deep from the Pharisee. He drank every last drop of blood. When there was no more blood left to drink, the Pharisee's body dried up immediately and turned to ash, blowing away in the wind. It was Calamus' first feeding, but it certainly wasn't his last by any means. He remained with Judas for 1,000 years before he decided that he was going to go off on his own.  



For the following 1,000 years, he traveled the world. He fed on some of the most powerful beings there was to feed on. He drank the blood of a Nephilim, a djinn that lived in the flesh, even an immortal Atlantean wizard that he was able to locate in Nepal. Along the way, he learned that he didn't necessarily need to dry the body of all its blood in order to receive the person's knowledge. Thus, many of his feeding hosts were able to remain alive.  



That doesn't necessarily mean that he has replicated his vampirism into them. There are two vampire bites that can be received. One is for feeding. This is when the vampire is drinking blood from a host. The other is for transforming, such as Judas had some to him. In this type of bite, when the teeth tear the flesh away, instead of drinking the blood, a venom is emitted from the fangs into the bloodstream of the host. This venom circulates through the veins of the host, transforming the host into a sanguine vampire.  



I'm not going to say that he hasn't created new vampires. He has created bunches and many. In fact, some of the vampires he has created formed what is called the Order of Calamus. That is how we received this item. In the stereotypical, "we know somebody who knows somebody," fashion, we were able to get in contact with the Order of Calamus. They provided this piece to us in exchange for a service that we provided for them. This piece holds the spirit of Calamus as mentioned before.  



Why did they hand this piece over so easily it holds the spirit of their beloved leader? In recent years Calamus made the decision to transcend physical existence. He transcended into energetic and soul form. If you know anything about the universe, you know that it is not infinite. It is constantly expanding and will eventually die out. As such the spirit of Calamus has expanded exponentially, so there is more than enough to go around. Each member of the Order of Calamus has a piece that holds the soul of their forefather.  



When you own this piece you will gain a constant and unlimit\ted bond with Calamus. Because he is omnipresent you will be able to access him any time you want, day or night. This piece will not give you a transformation, but the power that you will experience will make you feel like you have. This piece will allow you to meet Calamus on the astral plane, where he will materialize in "person" form. This means he will appear to you as a human because that is what your mind is familiar with.  



He will share his knowledge with you the same way Judas shared his knowledge with Calamus. You will experience all I have written about, but honestly, that's just the tip of the iceberg. This piece will allow you to experience all that vampires would experience. You will not have to drink blood, but you will be able to acquire knowledge. You will not become immortal, but you will have Calamus as a protector from forces that mean you harm.  



Personally, I don't see where you could possibly go wrong with this piece. We only have one of them.