Our Visit With John Titor, Traveler From the Future
Our Visit With John Titor, Traveler From the Future
Our Visit With John Titor, Traveler From the Future

Our Visit With John Titor, Traveler From the Future

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The piece you are getting is a size 14.5 sterling silver men's ring.  Read below.  You do not want to miss out on this item!

The room was dark.  Only the light from the streetlight peeked through the blinds.  I had received instructions on how to find the room that I currently found myself in.  However, I didn’t know it was going to be such a process.  I knocked specifically the way that I was instructed to knock on the phone that was mailed to me.  However, I was still greeted with a bit o hostility as I entered the room.  I entered my bubbly, happy self expecting to be greeted the same, instead, I had walked into a fully dark room, unaware of my surroundings, greeted as though I was the enemy.  A green light appeared in the middle of my chest.  

“Don’t move.  Take another step and I’ll kill you,” I heard come from a gruff voice from across the room.  

I wasn’t the least bit concerned.  I mean, I was wearing a protection piece, and had he really somehow succeeded in killing me, I would have simply revived myself.  I didn’t have the strength I’m sure Michael would have done it for me.  Maybe Gabriel.  Either way, I wanted to know what exactly was going on, so I obliged his commands.  I could see the entrails of smoke rise in the light as he made his way closer to me.  He had something around his wrist like a bracelet and something like a camera protruded out of it.  The mechanism made its way up to my eyes and made the most annoying flash I’ve ever experienced in my life.  

Then, the mechanism began giving the man all of my personal data.  “Name (redacted).  Age (redacted).  Date of Birth.  (redacted).”  I mean it really read out my blood type and all kinds of things to this guy.  It was very bizarre, but apparently this was enough to satisfy him.  The lights went up just a little bit so I could make out his face.  He was looking a little bit worse for the wear, almost like a Rambo type.  He motioned to a chair, stating matter-of-factly, “Okay, you can sit now.  You smoke?”  

“Not usually,” I replied, “But under these circumstances why the hell not?  What’s with all the TSA shit, man?  You’re the one that contacted me.  I didn’t seek you out.”  

“Yeah,” he retorted.  “Sorry about that.  That’s just the way its gotta be for now.  You have no idea how it is in the future.  Well… actually… you might.  But you have no idea about the people who are after me.  They want me dead.  They have just as much tech as I carry with me.  It’s more of an on-going battle between us.  I was once their golden child, but so much anymore, ever since I exposed them back in the early aughts.” 

“Okay.  So then you ARE the one that sent me the burner phone, then?? You’re the one I talked to that told me to meet you here?” I inquired.  

“Yep.  John Titor in the flesh.  Pleased to meet you…” he held out his hand.  I reluctantly shook it.  

Rolling my eyes I replied, “Right and I’m the Easter bunny, man.  Look, what’s going here?”  

That when he rolled up his shirt sleeve and I saw it for myself.  It was the branding of the New World Order.  It is a branding that has been given to all of the soldiers that serve in the One World Army.  I’ve only ever seen it one time myself and that was while Deedee and I were on an investigation at the Denver Airport.  It wasn’t the time we went live on the radio show, rather it was a subsequent time that we went, maybe a year and a half later.  We were taken to the future in which the world had shifted away from freedom.  People were placed into WWII style concentration camps.  Starvation and famine ensued.  War broke out among even the closest of allies and an insurgence of terrorists from the Middle East was able to broker power in Europe were the UK, Germany, and other countries first allowed them to immigrate before they took over and eventually declared Sharia Law. 

The West had totally been transformed into a socialist hemisphere with a group of thought police called The Founders of the Future at the helms.  Electronic devices were used to keep people under 24/7 surveillance and those who spoke out against the ruling elite or had any other notions that didn’t align with how they believed were picked up in the middle of the night and never heard from again.  Jobs were assigned to people according to their abilities and nobody had names anymore.  Everyone was just a number.  I mean, they had names they called themselves, but to the rulers, everyone was referred to as a number.  It’s the same number they used to receive their rations for the week.  It’s the same number the used to receive what limited healthcare was available.  It was branded into their arm along with a logo reading FOF.  Some were chipped, but only the ones that held higher positions, such as security guards at Federal offices or federal doctors.  The rest were just bodies, only there to do the labor of the elite.  Long story short, when the man showed me his branding I knew he was telling the truth.  

“So, like I was saying.  John Titor…” he repeated.  You know, me being John Titor is no less believable than you jumping through portals and taking mystery school lessons in Heaven.  I mean, I know that it happens.  I’ve tried some of your items.  I mean, your future items.  You haven’t technically made them yet, but dude… powerful stuff.  Powerful, powerful stuff.”  

“Yeah, thanks.  So what are you doing here?” I asked.  

“Yeah, I guess we should get down to business, then.  So, the future of the world is at stake.  I know you know this.  I’ve read some of HC’s posts.  I’ve heard Deedee give dead accurate visions of what is going to happen.  I’m here to tell you that what you guys saw at the DIA the second time you went… Man, that’s only the tip of the iceberg.  I know that you know this and I know that she knows this.  But, this has to be made tangible for people now.  They need to know.  They need to be aware of it.  As you know, I’ve been traveling through time, attempting to right what is wrong in existence.  That’s most likely why they want me dead, but I guess they catch me for that.  I don’t think will.  Either way, I’ve come back to right some wrong.  Hopefully, I can change it and it doesn’t all goes as planned.  I’ve been there.  The world is a hellhole”

I guess this is the perfect time to explain exactly who John Titor is.  He is a time-traveler purportedly from the year 2036 or maybe it’s 2038.  I don’t know.  I don’t think he even remembers at this point.  What I know is that in the early 2000s he popped up on message boards claiming to be a time-traveler from the future.  Nobody has been able to pin him down or get an accurate reading for his actual whereabouts.  I mean, the man was more elusive than anonymous has been in the past couple of years. 

 Long story short, he made a few predictions of the future to warn people about what was coming.  The predictions went horribly awry and people stopped believed in anything that he had to say.  Here’s the thing, though.  He predicted WW3 and other things that never happened, but that’s because he has been traveling tirelessly through time and space to make sure that what he has already seen and experienced wouldn’t happen again.  Rather, he wanted to change it into something more productive.  

However, the people in charge of the NWO have sent operatives after him to assassinate him because they like this new scenario where they are prosperous and enjoy the niceties of life while oppressing everyone else into what amounts to slave labor.  John used to be a part of the NWO.  He was a born billionaire, but he didn’t think that what they were doing was right.  Basically, he broke into the NWO’s secret stash of magical abilities and stole their ability to time-travel.  Well, really he stole one of them, as they obviously have more if they are chasing him through time. 

There are those that still believe in John because they know that he has been fighting the good fight, but the NWO has done their best to wipe his memory from the face of the world and the annals of time.  They have been wildly successful, but John still remains a rogue, vigilante freedom fighter, and collects followers as he goes.  Having said that, he always travels by himself.  This is a precaution as the NWO is very crafty in what they can do.  They even have reptilian shapeshifting workers that can take the form of people he trusts.  This is why he has the retina scanning DNA reading thingy that flashes in people’s eyeballs.  It’s precautionary.  

“So what do you want me to do about it?” I asked.  You’re the hero.  

“Yeah, man… but you have the ability to reach out to people.  What you guys do is no small feat.  I’ve met tons of people who claim to be able to do this or do that, but the items you guys have are seriously authentic,  You have the ability to reach people.  That’s why I brought you this…”  

At this, he reached into his pocket and pulled out this piece.  

“This is authentic, baby.  It’s the real deal.  Okay, I’ll be honest with you.  I don’t really know what they call it, but that’s not important.  What I know is this.  The NWO has transformed Washington DC, specifically the Pentagon, into some sort of testing facility.  It’s where they created their soldiers.  It’s where they create their weapons.  I’ve told literally EVERYONE about the miniature black holes that were being created.  Those began at CERN but became more commonplace over time.. And rapidly.  The NWO has been able to use this quantum energy to create reality manipulation magic.  They created an arsenal of items that look like jewelry, but aren’t, as weapons for their soldiers.  The ability of these pieces is literally everything.  This is because the quantum energy that the pieces hold allows the soldiers that operate them to mentally create and project magic into reality on the fly.  There are a dozen of these items-- well now 11.  The soldiers that operate them are called Goliaths because literally nobody can beat them.  I can’t even beat them.  I can match them, but I can’t beat them.  This is why I need to distribute what I have found, go back and get more, and keep distributing.  We need people that can help when the time comes.”  

“Okay, I’m on board, then,” I replied.  “So what you’re saying is that this piece will allow the person who uses it…” 

He finished my sentence, “To create powers and abilities in their mind that they can bring into reality.  Yes.  This ability comes from the Cosmos and something else called the Orion Gate, but I haven’t really figured that one yet.  It has something to do with the aliens that brought the pyramids to Earth, but honestly, I’m still working on that one.  So, in the meantime, this is what I’ve got for you.“

“I mean, we gotta start somewhere, right?” I replied.  

“That’s the spirit!”  He went on, “Oh, and make sure you tell whoever ends up getting this piece that it probably won’t work for them right off the bat.  Look, I was trained to do this kind of stuff from a young age.  Whoever gets this will definitely have to work with the piece for a while.  You know, they’ll have to wear it for a while before using it, but you know how that goes.” 

“Yeah, yeah.  I got you.” I responded.  “So, what now?”  

“Well, I’m NOT going to hug you.  Don’t make this weird.  Here’s the piece.  I’ve gotta go.”

As he responded he lifted up his arm where the retina scanner thing had come out of, except this time all I saw was a cloud of white smoke.  Next thing I know the room was spinning and my legs became like jello.  I felt them give out from underneath me I fell to the floor.  When I came to, I was in the same room.  At the table where John had been sitting prior was the piece he had given me, a bottle of aspirin, and a note that read, “Here’s the item.  Oh, and some aspirin.  That was quite the fall you had.  Probably going to hurt.   -JT”

Truth be told, we’ve had this piece for some time now.  It took us a little while to allow the energies to bond to us, but when they did it was like a showering of magic.  I mean, all the things that John said during our meeting came true.  I’ll admit Deedee did a little mad at me for going off by myself on that one, but the reward was worth the effort.  This piece is an exception and exceptionally powerful.  As promised, this piece holds some kind of unidentifiable cosmic energy that allows the user to manipulate reality.  It is a type of quantum energy that holds the power of the cosmos, but we haven’t quite been able to figure out how it was created or the source of the energy.  We know that is was developed at CERN, in the future, and then transferred to the Pentagon.  It was then brought back in time, which doesn’t seem to have any effect positive or negative on the abilities it possesses.  There are no negative side effects to using the piece like there was with the Philly Experiments.  The only thing we see from this piece is positive outcomes.  Very powerful, positive outcomes.  

There is nothing-- no power or ability-- that you cannot create with this piece.  It literally does it all.  White magic, dual magic, dark magic, alchemy, sorcery, casting, biding, summoning, conjuring, creation, de-creation, psychic opening, healing, wealth generation, interdimensional travel in astral form, time travel in astral form, protection, etc.  We are only dismayed to know that we only have one of these pieces.  Perhaps in the future, John has brought us more.  I guess only time will tell.