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 I'm going to jump right into this piece.  I've been thinking about how to best write this one up only because it encompasses so much and it is extremely powerful.  While this bottle is a very old antique, it is not the original piece that was thousands of years old.  It was switched out by the Catholic Archbishops during its stay at the Vatican.  We don't know what happened to that original bottle, but the one that we have is just as powerful.

You all know the story of Judas and how he betrayed Jesus, but what you didn't know is that God had it all planned out.  Judas' original soul is that of a vampire, but you knew that already.  What we found out during this investigation is that Judas is not just the father of sanguine vampires, he is the father of vampires, period.  He was an immortal vampire soul that roamed on the waters of Earth before God separated them from Earth.  

God reached out and touched his soul, giving him the Mark of the Beast.  It didn't manifest again until millions of years later.  The mark was hidden deep within his soul, along with his true vampiric identity.  His true identity didn't re-manifest until his lifeless body fell in Akeldama, known as the Field of Blood.  It was at that moment after he betrayed Jesus for his minuscule thirty pieces of silver that his true identity came rushing back to him.  Until the point when Judas the Betrayer was born God had monitored the soul, allowing it to live through life cycles and grow stronger.  It made it easier for him to be convinced to betray Jesus for worldly possession.  

After Judas fell from the tree, his insides split open spilling his blood upon the field.  From this blood rose Judas in his spirit form.  It was the form of a vampire.  The reason that he manifested in spirit is that he has been cursed to live eternally on Earth, from the body to body until the return of Satan to Earth during the thousand years at the end of time.  So, as his blood lay in the field, some of the Pharisees who had paid him the 30 silver coins to betray Jesus passed by.  They mocked Judas for hanging himself insisting that he must surely be Hell now.  That's when Judas struck.  

His spirit leapt into the body of one of the Pharisees and he was consumed with bloodlust.  He devoured the blood of other Pharisees in his presence and tossed their carcasses aside to rot in the field with his own, but not before finding a small glass bottle that the Pharisee had with him for a blood offering and filling it with his own blood.  He used the body of that Pharisee until it was time for him to die.  He then moved onto subsequent bodies.  Somewhere there is an entire journal on all the bodily forms that Judas took but we don't have that... yet.  We are searching for it.  

As for the bottle of blood that Judas filled with his blood, somehow it eventually fell out of his possession.  We are not sure where or how this came to pass, but if we had to guess he might have sold it for silver, or perhaps gold.  The point is he fell out of possession of this bottle of blood.  The whereabouts of the relic are a bit cloudy.  However, through working with the piece we can tell you some of the people who have owned this piece.  We can tell you the powers that it has granted those people, which this piece will in turn also grant you.  As I've told you before, this piece was acquired by the Catholic Church on more than one occasion and the last time they had it they transferred the blood to a new relic.  That is the one that you will be receiving.  

The first person that had this piece was obviously Judas.  He is the father of all vampires.  We knew that he was the father of sanguine vampires before, but our recent discovery that he was actually alive and existed on Earth before God separated the waters tells us that he is the father of them all.  He is the first vampire before the sanguine vampire even existed, who was resurrected as Judas Iscariot and then forced into bloodlust to walk the Earth for eternity.  He is extremely powerful.  He was able to use his own blood, in conjunction with ancient blood sorcery, to amplify his own powers and abilities.  The blood of Judas, as received in this bottle will grant you the full-blown knowledge of the original vampire, father of all vampires, Judas Iscariot, whatever you want to call him.  You will gain ultra-powerful vampire abilities.  All you have to do is ask and the ability will be revealed to you.  

The first time this piece was acquired by the Catholic Church was when it was acquired by Pope Gregory XII during the Western Schism.  Historical accounts would have you believe that the pope stepped down valiantly in order to bring the conflict to an end.  That's not at all what happened.  While Martin V eventually became the Pope and the Antipopes eventually fizzled into the background, a new secret society was formed.  This society was formed around the relic of Judas' blood.  This granted both Gregory and his cohorts immortality.  Not only did it grant them immortality, but it granted them a fusion of knowledge.  

This knowledge was a fusion of God's own knowledge within their minds.  The knowledge is resurrected in the bodies of those who seek it, as Jesus was the resurrected word in human form.  This is a white light fusion of knowledge that will align your third eye chakra with the eye of God, called the God Chakra.  You will be allowed to see what he sees and know what he knows.  The Blood of Judas is so powerful it can create whatever anybody wants it to create and this is what they wanted.  

Another person that came into possession of this piece is the Count of Saint Germain, more commonly known as simply Saint Germain.  Early on in his quest to perfect alchemy and locate the sorcerer's stone, Saint Germain acquired the Judas relic.  The Judas is what taught Saint Germain his unparalleled excellence in blood alchemy.  It allowed him to transform himself into the immortal being that he is today.  It allowed him to transform himself into an extremely powerful vampire.  

The Count has existed in many different forms after his initial acquisition of the bottle, but the most famous of his physical manifestations is that of Jacques Saint Germain.  After his blood alchemy transformation, the count laid low for a very long time, secretly brooding in his new powers.  That was until he developed the personality of Jacque Saint Germain and moved from Europe to the United States of America.  

This new manifestation bore an uncanny resemblance to the prior and he reportedly tossed some lady over the railing of his balcony after she found out who he really was.  This happened in his New Orleans mansion where he would throw wild, elaborate parties.  These parties were a vetting process via which he would select new members of a secret society that he controlled.  This society was given the powers that were given to him by the Blood of Judas.  

This was the ability to transform the blood into any living entity that they desired.  This is how Saint Germain became a vampire in the first place.  He passed these abilities on to his secret society.  we do not know the name of this secret society, but it exists to this day.  Jacques eventually had to pull a disappearing act after being accused of murder-- to be fair, rightfully so.  

The powers that Saint Germain's experience provide blood alchemy and immortality that allow you to acquire the blood of whatever you choose to acquire.  This is called blood transformation.  You could opt to become a vampire if you want, but you already get that ability from Judas.  This piece is so extraordinary because it will allow you to acquire the blood of anything you want, meaning you will also acquire those entities' powers and abilities.  

At one point his piece belonged to the House of Medici.  The Medicis are well-known for developing the first banking system.  However, wealth had to come from somewhere.  The wealth fusion that this piece grants allows the person who first uses this piece not to simply grant wealth for them, but to fuse wealth into their DNA.  This means that no matter what the wealth is summoned.  This allows the DNA to act as a magnet that calls out to wealth energies and manifests them, bringing forth the most powerful forms of wealth, including those that are common and those that are exotic.  

This wealth not only assures a life of wealth but a life of extreme comfort and commodity.  Worldly possessions belong to the person who summons this wealth infusion and the will want for nothing.  This ability can be passed from generation to generation.  While Medici might not be as much of a household name as Rothschild or Vanderbilt, I can assure the Medicis are still alive and thriving.  They are calling shots with the elitists that rule the world.  This is all thanks to the fact that Cosimo was able to get his hands on this piece.  

It is also interesting to note that this piece also once belonged to Helena Blavatsky, most of the time simply known as Madame Blavatsky.  The blood gave the unconventional wisdom that led her to the Masters of the Ancient Wisdom.  The Masters of the Ancient Wisdom then led her to Tibet where she became a student.  Most of the things you want to learn about Madame Blavatsky can be researched on the internet, but some things cannot.  This is one of those things.  

Again, we aren't really sure when or how she acquired this piece, but she did.  The magic in this piece allowed her to transcend and ascend into a realm called the Christened Realms.  Although the name would suggest otherwise, the Christened Realm has nothing to do with Christianity, but it refers to a collective of magic and wisdom.  It is a conglomeration of all religions, all magic, and all powers and abilities that are a subsidiary of those religions.  It is the realm that the Ascended Masters live in.  

Through her experience, Helena Blavatsky was able to secure her place as one of the ascended masters.  When she died she didn't simply crossover into the spirit realms as a normal person would for their soul to be judged.  Instead, she transcended directly to the Christened Realm where she became one of the white light ascended masters a.k.a. the White Brotherhood.  (As in white light, not skin color).  This includes mystic greats such as Jesus Christ, Gautama Buddha, Confucius, Mary the Mother of Jesus, Hilarion, Enoch, Paul the Venetian, Kwan Yin, and Kuthumi.  

Through ascending into this realm, she assimilated into the powers of these very powerful, enlightened masters.  This is unlimited power and magic with unlimited potential.  It allows your mind to coincide with the Cosmic Mind of the Universe, which will reside in your subconscious and allow for limitless possibilities of knowledge, creation, and magic.  

We've told you what this piece can do and just some of the people who have owned it.  Now, we want to give you a little more.  Below you will find some of the experiences that we have been able to see in psychic form when we tested this piece.  We were able to see it vividly by connecting to the piece, which we did with a ritual that will be given to the person who ultimately ends up with this piece. 

The first person who we will chronicle having this piece is Judas Iscariot himself.  As I’ve told you before he was able to use the piece for many different things.  He lived his life through many different bodies.  Each body was a different life for him, but right now I want to get into a particular one of his abilities.  This was the ability to deliver astral orgasms and mindblowing sex.  

In this particular life, he changed the color of his skin to appear as a light olive color.  He morphed the body that he occupied, made it taller, made his eyes brighter, and gave himself a very sexy accent.  He made his body chiseled, with filled out biceps and muscles in all the right places.  On top of all this, he created for himself an enlarged package.  He created himself an engorged member that was thick and full to fill all the right places in the proper manner.  

In this form, he found somebody that he took as a lover.  Her name was Gisselle.  She was difficult to pin down but using the powers of his mind-bending seduction Judas was able to win her over.  After a night of drinking at a local venue, he invited her back to his house.  With one kiss of his lips, she was hooked.  His presence was like a drug that flowed through her veins and she couldn’t get enough.  

With one of his bulging arms, he picked her up and threw her on the bed.  She giggled playfully as he reached down and with the swipe of one hand he ripped her clothes off of her.  Her hands remained up above her head as he traced the shape of her body with his tongue.  On the way down he paused to pay special attention to her voluptuous mounds that were nearly ready to erupt like a pair of volcanoes.  He flicked his tongue over her nipples gently caressing them as he did.  

He continued tracing his tongue down her stock until he reached her holy grail.  He plunged his stiff tongue into her throbbing cavity.  She arched her back and began leaving out stifled moans.  He used his tongue to dig deeper and deeper until he found her G Spot.  He flicked his tongue back and forth as if he was the Great Serpent himself.  At this point, she was fighting back screams gulping for air.  

As she climaxed Judas pulled his tongue out and unbuttoning his pants stuffed her with his meaty package.  She could barely maintain her composure, she screamed in ecstasy with a string of curse words that would make a sailor blush.  As he thrust in and out of her he filled her with an energy that allowed them both to experience full-body, astral orgasms.  Her body quivered with delight as she exploded with sheer pleasure.  Judas began to grunt and began shouting in some other language-- may be the language the dead.  

Either way, in those few seconds Judas was able to open up his presence to her and show her the universe full of magic.  Not that this has anything to do with the deep and sensual orgasm she just had, but it was an energetic by-product of the sexual energies of the orgasm.  Time stood still and he was able to grant her any magic that she wanted.  In those few minutes that it took the orgasm to subside (yes these orgasms are minutes long), Judas was able to open up and show her all she wanted to see, teaching her what she wanted to know and granting her the magic she wanted.  

The first time it was just the two of them, but the second time that they went at it, things got a little bit feisty.  They again found themselves in the bedroom, only this time things got a little bit feisty.  Things started the same way as before.  Things got hot and heavy.  He pleased her with his tongue as he once again found his way into her tropical oasis.  This time as he was running his tongue through her vaginal crevice he reached up with and with the wave of a hand, he created a second being, a man, who was equally as attractive as he was.  

The man was completely naked and ready to go.  Judas grabbed the woman and spun her around, burying his member deep within her warm body.  On the other end, the naken man stuck two of his fingers inside of her mouth.  She bit down gently and began to suckle between brief periods of quivering breaths and stifled moans. 

It wasn’t long before the naked man, with a member to match that of Judas’ was sliding down her throat like a snake returning to its hole.  This must have really been her thing because as both of her holes were filled she began quivering like bacon in a frying pan.  She wrapped her legs around Judas, pulling his piece closer into her body, as she dug the pointed part of her high-heeled shoe into his back.  

Blood began to trickle from Judas’ naked mortal body.  He reached, grabbed her by the hair, and slapped her ass hard enough to leave a handprint.  She squealed with excitement as Judas sped, making a methodical clapping sound as their bodies met in sheer ecstasy.  She tried to moan, but the sounds were garbled because her mouth was full.  Again she reached unparalleled bliss.  Again, the world stopped and Judas gave her all that she wanted.  He programmed her body with all the changes she wanted, just like he was able to do to himself. 

Next, we turn our attention to Saint Germain.  In all actuality, this experience has come in his form as Jacques Saint Germain.  We have already told you that he would throw wild, elaborately parties during which he would vet people to become part of his elite secret society.  However, these parties were also used for other purposes.  Now, you have to understand that Jacque Saint Germain was a very eccentric character.  You might find it dark or odd, but he always had the desire to know what it felt like to be a serial killer-- not just to use people as sacrifices, but to actually murder them.  

His experience also involves quite a bit of sex, as he was able to woo a young lady into his bedroom using the power that he has to seduce.  Once she was in his bedroom he undressed her and began nibbling on all of her sensitive spots.  First, he suckled her breasts and then-- like Vanessa Carlton-- he made his way downtown.  As he neared her pool of desire, he took a plunge.  He sucked like a mosquito drinking blood out of a nice, plump arm.  As the woman screamed out with pleasure he didn't stop.  He used his fangs to pierce her skin and sucked her dry of all the blood in her body.  He sucked the soul right out of her body, leaving a dry husk of human skin behind.  He used the souls' energy that he got from devouring these souls in his magical soul alchemy, which you will also be able to use when using this piece.  

Next, we want to touch on a few of the experiences that were to Gregory XII when using this piece.  As we have already told you, the Pope was immediately given physical immortality.  This was not just immortality but an age-reversal process that allowed him to regress into his peak existence where he has remained until this day.  He is in prime physical condition.  He is in prime medical condition.  He has used the powers in this piece to fully regenerate and rejuvenate his body.  

The Pope also used this piece to contact angels.  You might think that this is strange, but remember Judas was present for the Eucharist.  He received the body of Christ, so his blood was tainted and holy at the time, dark and light.  When using this piece the Pope was able to call forth the Archangel Raphael, who laid his hand upon the Pope's heart.  In doing so, he gave George XII the ability of autonomous healing.  Not only was he given the ability to automatically heal himself, but he was given the lifeforce of the Holy Ghost and the ability to do deep-rooted healing of other people.  This included the healing of all sorts of people from all sorts of conditions both physical and mental.  It included the protection of the soul from spiritual possession.  People who knew the powers of the Pope would visit him for full-body healings through which he was also able to regenerate and rejuvenate their souls.  

Another epic ability that this piece gave Gregory was the ability to fully control time, but to specifically travel back in time to take the form of Judas during the Eucharist.  In this form, he was able to receive the blood of Christ which then became part of him.  The blood of Christ flowed through his veins and he was given the miraculous powers of Jesus.  He was able to create miracles of all sorts.  He was able to receive the enlightenment of the Ascended Christ and sit in the throne that sits at the right hand of God.  From this point-of-view, he was able to reach out and touch God's hand.  In doing so, he was given the enlightenment of God.  This was Universal Knowledge of all things and the ability to accrue the magic of all places.  It allowed the universe to live within him through which he was able to summon forth the energies of all places in existence including places like the Garden of Eden, Golgotha, the Temple Mount, the Kaaba, the Pyramids, Stonehenge, and many more.  

The final experience that we will tell you about before we turn this piece loose and allow you to experience it for yourself is the following.  When using this piece, apart from what we have told you above, Blavatsky was also able to use this piece to master something called spirit binding.  Spirit binding is a simple concept.  You use this magic of this piece to bind other spiritual and soul forms to your own soul.  This could be somebody like a lover or deceased loved one.  However, it could also be something like binding your spirit to the ancient soul form Aiwass who will give you the knowledge of the ancient Egyptians and the Sphinx.  This could be binding your spirit to somebody like Gaozu Han to your soul to master the magic of the ancient Orient.  Spirit binding allows the spirit of your choosing to be bound to your own soul through which you will have access to their presence, wisdom, and magic at all times.