Powerful Gemini Angels
Powerful Gemini Angels
Powerful Gemini Angels

Powerful Gemini Angels

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This piece holds 8 Gemini Angels. No, don't worry it has nothing to do with the astrological sign. They are simply called Geminis because they are twin angels, so when you use this piece you get double the power of whatever they offer. These angels don't have names and you will simply refer to them as the power they hold when you are calling out to them. It does not matter which stone correlates to which set of Gemini Angels, because they all exist and will communicate with you telepathically when you call them, although each stone does represent an angel that you are receiving which is why they are grouped in pairs. These are 8 sets, so you will receive 8 different powers that are granted to you by these angels. The list is below.

1.) Wealth
2.) Protection
3.) Healing
4.) Divine Prophecy
5.) Love
6.) White Light Spells
7.) Discernment
8.) Communication With Saints