Presidential Illuminati Writer
Presidential Illuminati Writer
Presidential Illuminati Writer

Presidential Illuminati Writer

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The piece you are getting is a vintage bakelite pencil.  The pictures we have for this piece have been extracted from the youtube video we did for this piece, which can be seen using the following link:


We had to go to a lot of trouble in order to secure this piece.  We are talking about physically securing pieces that would allow us to assume another person’s identity.  We aren’t talking about conventional identity theft here where people steal your social security number and credit cards.  We actually became the people we needed to be in order to access the places that we wanted to have access to.  I would be lying if I told you that I wasn’t incredibly sore for three days afterward, but that is the price we pay to bring top-notch items sometimes,  

You have all heard of Camp David and the Whitehouse, but those are places that literally anybody with an internet connection can find.  The place that we had to go to in order to find the piece that we are offering was more secretive than that.  Those places serve as buffers and decoys for the actual place that the president and his staff go when crap hits the fan.  These are the places they are taken when the new reports that the president has been moved to an “undisclosed location.”  We had to go to extensive reaches to find the facility in the first place and the of course the whole becoming other people thing that we had to do.  It was just a difficult project all around. 

Having said all that, this project did keep us close to home.  We’re not going to out the place and tell you all exactly where this place is at.  We will simply tell you that it is Pennsylvania (PA).  PA is a big state and you’d be hard-pressed to find all of the secret locations that there are to find.  It would be very difficult.  We did it, though and we were also successfully able to access the facility and the library that exists there.  Besides from the library, the retreat acts as a shelter that can allow the president to survive up to three months.   There’s a kitchen, a bedroom, even a television.  Oh yeah, and in case the president gets bored there is a sacrificial chamber complete with a giant pentagram on the floor and human skulls that are hung decoratively from the ceiling.  Creepy?  Yeah, just a bit.  

The library contains all sorts of ritual books, copies of the Necronomicon, the Book of the Dead, the Quran, the Bible, and a whole slew of other books and writings dating back to the Library of Alexandria.  There are journals upon journals of past presidents who went into the room to record what it was like to actually be a president and the power and magic that was given to them.  There is an arsenal of magical artifacts that can be used to control the world.  These magical weapons have been acquired from the Illuminati.  Like ir or not, the president automatically becomes part of the Illuminati upon coronation.  It’s part of the procedure.  Some are more active in the secret society than others and some outright refuse their assistance.  I’ll let you guess which one that was.  Anyway, these magical artifacts are there in case the president needs them at any time for anything.  

The piece that we wanted and that we were successfully able to take from the compound is what we call the Illuminati write.  This writer holds a very powerful cocktail of magic that extends way back to the days of the original Enlightened Ones of the pyramids.  In those days they took blood oaths and wrote out their contracts in the blood that was supplied by human sacrifice.  These days things are a little bit more civil, but not always.  In this case, the pencil will suffice.  The Illuminati Writer allows whoever is using it to write things into existence.  That’s why it is kept at the president’s existence.  That’s why the piece is also kept hidden away from the general public.  

Now, you may think that this dangerous, because what if a president gets ahold of the pencil and just writes a whole bunch of gibberish and has screwed up all of existence.  Well, there is a conciliator for that who is called the beacon.  The beacon is an immortal soul that is connected to this piece that can see into the future.  If what is being written would royally screw things up, the beacon disconnects the pencil from its power and will not allow the message to be sent.   This piece holds a natural system of checks and balances that will disallow major changes that will throw off the existence of the universe.  Mainly this piece has been used to protect people, to create wealth, to create magic, or to create personal destiny and things of that nature.  

This piece is made out of black and white marbled bakelite because it will allow for both light or dark magic.  The crest on the pencil depicts a skull and crossbones, the handshake, a wreath, an Egyptian, and the cross.  These are representative of the powers that have gone into making this piece.  The skull and crossbones in a universe symbol for the Illuminati.  The handshake depicts the magic deal that has been forged with the supernatural that allows this piece to create and enact whatever is written with it.  The Egyptian represents the ancient magic of the Enlightened Ones whose magic has also gone into making this piece.  The cross represents the assumed divinity and the magic of the Ascended Masters, whose leader is Jesus of Nazareth.  This is the ultimate form of white light enlightenment that is attainable through using this piece.  Finally, the wreath decries the tremendous wealth energy that has been used to create this piece, which it can grant or you.  

You will have to purchase the lead for this pencil, but once you have it you can start writing.  Well, you have to do the 14-day bonding time period, but after that, you can start writing.  The powers in this piece will allow you to write your own destiny, to write magic, to write powers, to write abilities, or really just to write anything such as love or a relationship into existence.  You can write beings and entities into existence.  You can write something into your future or out of your past.  You can change things about yourself simply by writing it down.  The possibilities with this piece are undoubtedly endless!  Your imagination is the limit, as long as what you are imagining doesn’t totally screw up existence, you’re good to go!