Reanimation Magic From the Book of the Dead
Reanimation Magic From the Book of the Dead
Reanimation Magic From the Book of the Dead

Reanimation Magic From the Book of the Dead

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The Great Serpent Apophis was known as the enemy of the sun god Ra. The Sun was the barge that Ra sailed through the sky from dush until dawn. when night settled in, Ra descended into the Underworld. As Ra navigated through the Underworld, his barge was constantly under attack from the Great Serpent Apophis. Onboard Ra's great barge was a number of gods and goddesses, as well as the justified dead. They all helped to defend Ra's barge from Apophis.

Every day, ancient Egyptian priests and laypeople would engage in certain rituals that were designed to protect the god Ra. These rituals were designed to destroy Apophis. Through these rituals and their observances the link between the living and the dead was created, as well as the natural order as established by the gods. As for Apophis, he never had a formal cult and was never worshiped on a large scale, but he had his followers and later was linked to the god Set, who was the god of Chaos.

Of course, the tales that were told were metaphoric for the act that Ra and the gods that allied himself with Ra were the ancient gods of light and enlightenment, while Apophis was the god that tried to steal that enlightenment. However, Apophis the great serpent wasn't really a God at all. Rather, he can rather be described as the serpent of knowledge. This serpent knows all that there is to know in the universe except for one little secret of Ra. He is after that secret, but Ra refuses to give it up. The story basically is the ancient Egyptians way of depicting Ra as the defender of the Great Egyptian Knowledge. This is the same knowledge that is written about in the Egyptian Book of the Dead. It is hidden in plain sight between the other words with a magical algorithm to hide it from the world.

This piece holds that secret form of magic that belonged to Ra in ancient times that he was hiding from the universe, which was also hidden in the Book of the Dead. Nothing can stay hidden forever and so we have cracked the code to this magic. It is never told whether or Apophis succeeded in his mission to steal Ra's ancient magic, but we have. The magic that was hidden by Ra is what we are calling Reanimation Magic.

Reanimation Magic allows you to call forth any of the Egyptian gods in such a way that they are subservient to you. They are reanimated (given new life) in the mortal realm and must obey what you ask of them. This is why Ra was hiding his magic because he was the most powerful deity in the pantheon and wanted to keep in that way. However, even the most powerful entity has an Achilles heel and for the Egyptian gods, this would be it. That's why Apophis was associated with Set and Set was associated with chaos. When humanity has control over gods and there is no clear cut order (as laid out in the rituals I told you about earlier), then chaos ensues. However, in the chaos enlightenment is found because humanity has the ability to elevated to the likeness of a god and this is through being given the ability to take charge of the gods that already exist.

When you own this piece, you will be able to reanimate any god that you want into the mortal realm. This includes Egyptian gods, but this magic also translates to other pantheons, so in actuality, this piece will allow you to reanimate ANY god from ANY pantheon. It is really THAT powerful. All you have to do is light a candle, write down the name of the god or goddess that you want to reanimate, trace the name with the stick pin that holds the magic, and then prick yourself and allow a single drop of blood to fall on the paper. You will then fold the paper over and allow the blood to dry, creating a seal. Once that blood seal is created, the god or goddess will be reanimated.

Remember-- these god and goddesses exist on another plane of existence, so they will most likely communicate with you telepathically within your mind. In some instance during testing, they showed up in full spiritual form, but only in some instances. Once that connection is developed you will be able to ask the god or goddess to grant you whatever power or ability you want and they must grant it to you. When you are done with that particular god or goddess, simply burn the paper you have written their name on and they are then released back into the pantheon they belong to. You can only reanimate and hold one god or goddess at a time and you can't hold them longer than a full moon cycle.