Release the Chakras!! (Not the Kraken)

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We have told you numerous times that chakras were a block placed inside of the human body as a block to disallow humans the knowledge that was ingested into the human mind by Adam and Eve.  Truth bet old chakras exist all over the universe and are used to regulate magic.  In this case, human chakras are used to block magic from our knowledge.  The magic that was ingested by the first two humans still exists in our subconscious and the only way to access that is not to align the chakras but to completely remove them from your body.  You might think this is dangerous, but it isn't.  It actually opens up a world of 4th Dimensional magic that allows you to exist outside normal human bounds.  This will allow you to encounter many different types of magic that exist beyond the human scope of reality.  You can guide your conscious to whatever magic you desire to have.  To use this piece you will stand in front of a mirror and yell, "RELEASE THE CHAKRAS!"  Deedee made this rule, she thought it was funny!

The piece you get is a really funky and neat looking mixed media necklace.