Royal Yamni of Atlantis
Royal Yamni of Atlantis
Royal Yamni of Atlantis

Royal Yamni of Atlantis

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This Royal Yamni is a spirit/ non spirit from Atlantis. This means they can appear and when they do they are clear. They look like humans with hair on their head but the bodies only have what looks like an outline of flesh. They are completely see through. Inside their bodies they hold eight crystals in a row going down their bodies. This looks like our chakras. They also have crystals in both palms and in the bottom of the feet, one in the center of the forehead. This gives them a total of 13 crystals.  The crystals in their hands can create more crystals which empower who they give them to.  Nothing does evil, only good. These won’t even do dual magic, white light only. 

The Yamni are a race of people from Atlantis that were made to survive for a later date. Apparently that date is now. We have tried to get these to work for years but could only connect to them psychically. Now they are fully active.  The one we are working with is called  Maralyle. She is female and they reach 30 and no longer age. From what I understand they are eternal. The power they hold or what empowers them comes directly from Atlantis. All of the Yamni are considered water signs and are emotional beings.


You are not getting Maralyle, you are getting a empowered crystal done by her. We have various forms of these empowered crystals as well as various Yamni. All Yamni are female. 

We do have Yamni if you want one. Here is the list of who we have. If you want a Yamni and not just the power they make please email to 

That email may change as Daisy will be taking over some emails later this week. The price of Yamni are 200 and of course they can customize what you need and want and would live with you.  Here is the list.

Syndee Lau

Briskal Siz

Zanari Bru

Opin Aus

Jani Blu 

Canza Kre

Rini Tom

Halo Dai

Now for what this crystal does for you. First off, you may take the crystal and shift the power of it to any other piece you have. So you may pick your vessel or use one you have by simply placing this one into a charging box for 24 hours. 

The power these automatically come with is a cleansing of darkness you can’t help but gather in life. This takes about a week. Then the power places psychic ability inside of you. It creates a healing ability in you. After that it connects with your white light soul and places the power and ability YOUR soul desires. That part is designed specifically for you.

This is a power and new life you will enjoy!

The one you are getting is the purple, green color necklace. The others you are looking at are also available. Sorry about the pictures but every time we try to take these they come out like that. I think it has to do with the energy they hold.