Ruby Hearted Angels
Ruby Hearted Angels
Ruby Hearted Angels
Ruby Hearted Angels
Ruby Hearted Angels

Ruby Hearted Angels

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This piece is platinum over sterling silver with a gorgeous red stone!



Remember, remember!
The fifth of November,
The Gunpowder treason and plot;
I know of no reason
Why the Gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot!

If you remember that poem, you most likely have good taste in movies, specifically the movie V for Vendetta. They say history repeats itself, so my only question is-- Did anybody realize that 5th of November is today? We're in the middle of a plot to steal the election. More votes are being counted than registered voters. Poll watchers were and still are being denied the right to make sure that ballots are being cast properly.

Tens of thousands of ballots were being filled out by polling volunteers on behalf of voters who did not give them consent. The reasoning behind this is because their ballots have supposedly "been compromised". I mean, what in the world is going on here, folks? This is voter fraud like we've never seen it before. We knew Pennsylvania was bad-- we've lived there. But the whole country?

The symbolism even holds true right down to the battle being between Catholics and Protestants. Well, in this case, it would only be the two men running, but the symbolism is there. Big tech companies have been censoring and spying on us in ways that are unprecedented. This is another manifesto-- an Easter Egg that can be found in the book 1984 by George Orwell. It talks about the ability of the government to spy on you. It talks about how we will communicate via "large screens" and that "Big Brother" will watch you through those same screens. Sound familiar? Cell phones, computers, tablets, laptops, other devices!

People are rioting in the streets. They are looting and they are burning businesses to the street. The National Guard has been deployed to many states. Civil unrest is imminent as it was back in 1605. While there might not be any explosions, there is definitely a plot going on. It has been going on for some time. There's one person who is trying to stop it all, but he is demonized and cast out because he isn't part of the establishment that is trying to lead our world astray. He is parting of the people that is trying to ruin our One Nation Under God.

The people that rule our nations have an agenda and can assure you that regardless of what happens-- if God gives of four more years of white light, or if he gives us for years of deceit and defeat in the name of the apostate, ,the end of times are imminent. This is just the beginning of the end. The world will be thrown in disarray and turmoil, especially the United States of America. The world is fragile already. This will lead to a one-world government after a universal martial law is declared. Lockdowns will be instituted in the name of viruses and other false flags.

Their agenda is to control us and to make sure we do as we are told. I've told you this before and I am telling you this again. It all boils down to ushering in a Satanic force that will unite the world like never seen before. It will come in the name of peace, it will trick, it will delude. It will make it look like getting the Mark of the Beast is a privilege and it is not! These are disgusting times that are coming and all we really do is prepare. That's why we are offering this piece.

I personally brought this piece back from one of my trainings. This piece contains the presence of an entity that is called a Ruby-Hearted Angel. They are the only type of angel with an actual heart that exists within them. They are called rube-hearted because their hearts contain the blood of Christ, who was the price paid for our ransom. This blood is miraculous and can work wonders in your life. This includes the ability to shelter you and keep you safe during a spiritual attack of the vilest evil sort. It will repel demonic forces and send them back to Hell where they belong.

Your ruby-hearted angel will hold the ability to grant you miracles. These are miracles of just about any nature as long as they don't interrupt the life-force. You can use this piece to bring forth as many miracles as you want and/or need. If it impedes God's will, of course, it won't be granted, but 9 times out of 10 it won't and you will get what you have asked for!

Your ruby-heart angel gives you access to the magical powers of Heaven that have been stored in the Crystal pyramid and that is because they have been born of this same magic. They know all the the pyramid encompassed and will provide the knowledge of this great magic to you. This is a stockpile of God's own reserved magic, some of the most powerful in Heaven. It will be given to you to use as you see fit. Just remember, this is kind of a huge responsibility. It is also a very, very powerful type of angel. God created them specifically for the times we are about to endure.

So whether there are treasonous plots and anarchy or you going through something else. Just know that the angel that is attached to this piece will work overtime to make sure that you and your family are protected and that it grants you the miracles and magic that you want and need to be safe, the power in this piece is granted by the blood of Christ. It is powerful and it will get things that you need to be done for you. Having access to this angel means access to the Christ blood, which is one of the most powerful sources of energy in the Universe, period.