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This is a very unique piece in what it does and how well it does it. This is pure MOP in which you place a candle in the center,small or medium size is fine. This is fire magic from the Atlantis Alter Realm. The alter realm is where the highly advanced would go for training. This type of training was done for the advancement of the Star Child or the Indigo child. Thee are children that are being born to a dumb generation and a generation of Earth and energy change.

These Star Children and Indigo Children will bring about the changes that the world needs. Many times these children are a bit hyper,intelligent and not on the wave that the sheeple or zombie people are on. Now your thinking these are kids but most are not,we are now adults and we are preparing for a new world that is based on all light. I am a Star Child. I know much about them because of who I am. There are still some being born and there are still some children but mainly we are now all here.

There are various traits to these Star Children that is easily detected,artistic,hyper,super intelligent,absent minded,stubborn,does not like authority. Not all traits are present and there are many more too. Many times as a child you may have thought your parents were not your own or that you came from another planet. This is just giving you some idea of these things.

This item is not just for these Star Adults and kids or the Indigo's but for everyone. It would just greatly benefit them if they had one of these.

The Alter Realm of Atlantis was so that a group of Atlantians could help with these people and pass on a supernatural power to them so they would be prepared. What this does is bring up those Atlantians and they communicate with you directly and then pass on powers considered by them to be gifts of the heavens. These are being passed through the fire to you not so you can rule an Earth but so you may help along the progression and advancement of a new way of life and people. You do become powerful and you will use these new powers to help yourself and others. We are trying to get more of these and hope to soon,people DO need these today!