Seek New Horizons
Seek New Horizons

Seek New Horizons

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We don't think that we have any customers who are part of this sorority. We know most of our customers pretty well. However, if any of our customers out there are associated with the sorority that I'm about to tell you about, now you'll know the truth.

Beta Sigma Phi is a sorority that claims that is a sisterhood-- a network of friends that boasts many positive influences. We aren't saying that some of those networks aren't positive. What we are saying is that there is an ulterior motive. The "higher-ups" know this. They are well aware and it is the purpose of the existence of the sorority.

The Sorority is a group where women are vetted to see what magical powers they possess innately if any. They are then either reaped of those abilities or they are invited to undergo a transformation. This transformation is a process that is controlled by the Illuminati, who also controls Beta Sigma Phi. They then transform these participants into international icons-- politicians, celebrities, and other dignitaries.

You'll have those people who say, "No way! That can't be true!" The fact of the matter is that it is true. We know because we have two items-- called totems of power-- that have been created by the Illuminati as gifts of power and magic that are given to those who have been selected as part of the "transformation" program. We were lucky enough to score these during a covert investigation that infiltrated the ranks of the sorority. Call us whistleblowers if you want to. We are just telling the truth.

Below are the two totems of power that we received. We are doing this as two separate listing with the name of each totem as the title. Below are the names of the totems and what each one means and what it will do for you. I know somebody is going to ask, so I will just get straight to the point with it. These totems can be used by both men and women, despite being recovered from a sorority.

The first totem is called "Light Another Torch" and is from the 1977-78 induction class of the Beta Sigma Phi into the ranks of the Illuminati. When you use this emblem you will gain unprecedented wealth and fame by any means that you choose. You will convey your choice to the magic in this piece via meditation. It is symbolic of the passing of greatness from one generation to the next. This "light another torch" ritual could be seen in front of millions during a duet with Christina Aguilera and Demi Lovato in 2018. This is the kind of fame and success we are talking about.

This also lights a torch of knowledge within your mind that brings forth the ancient mysteries and the secrets of the universe. It will allow you to astral travel and it will allow you to control the minds of others. Lastly, it will bring forth a full awakening of the psychic senses.

The second totem is called "Seek New Horizons" and is also from the 1977-78 class of Beta Sigma Phi ranks into the Illuminati. The magic in this piece is totally different and allows you to elevate your mind to new heights and distances. That is why it is called "Seek New Horizons." It will allow you to attain new heights of mental clarity and psychic awakening. You will bond with the universe and the secrets and mysteries therein will be revealed to you. You will be elevated to exist in the presence of the divine cosmos, the powers of which you will be able to manifest on Earth.

These powers and energies will render you omnipotent because with them there is nothing that you won't be able to accomplish. The trick is simple. All you have to do is mentally envision something in your mind-- whether that is power, magic, or an ability, and it will be manifested into reality.