Sexy and Wealthy 2
Sexy and Wealthy 2

Sexy and Wealthy 2

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These are wealthtastic! Each one is different and they are spirits attached to all of them. The one you are getting is shown in the picture and her name will be below. They are all Asian but have lived in different parts of the world. There is Samantha, Delilah and Junie. Yes they are American names but it is what they have been going by forever. 

These three ladies are house and home protectors of your happiness.  This means whatever you need or whatever makes you happy. I hate to say this but they also have no problem with greed. This isn’t in a bad way but at one time each one has lived a wealthy life. They like that! If they are going to a home where it’s not so wealthy they get to work quickly and you don’t even have to ask them. This is because they like opulent surroundings. They have no issue where they go as long as the owner is happy to have them. 

How to welcome them. When you get yours welcome them using their name and let them know you are happy to have them. Sometimes they will let you know they are there in full physical form and other times they will let you know in other ways. None of the ways are scary. They will also begin to work right away. 

The one you are getting is Delilah.