Six Seeds of the Living Christ

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This gorgeous piece is 18k gold with real emeralds.  It is a vintage pendant.


After all these years, people are still debating what happened to Christ between the ages of 12 and 29.  You do not have to debate any longer, because we can tell you exactly where he was.  Well, at least we can tell you what he was doing.  We cannot really tell you exactly where he went.  We can tell you some of the places he went and some of the things he did, though.  

For instance, we know for a fact that he traveled to India.  Some of you might deem it a bit Apocryphal these days, but he learned the ways of the ancients that have come from India.  This included the abilities and powers of Krishna.  Since all power and magic materializes from God, Jesus simply wanted to experience what other people made of it.  

We know for a fact that he traveled to Tibet and Nepal.  In these two places, he taught monks how to meditate the proper way-- the way he did while he fasted for 40 days and nights later in his life, as told in the Bible.  Even at a young age, Jesus Christ was a divine being.  He taught the monks how to communicate with the divine and moreover the universe.  He taught them how to manifest the things that they want and how to grant themselves oneness with the universe.  

We know that he traveled to the ancient Orient.  He traveled to the Orient to experience the magic that it has to offer.  He traveled there to experience the deep-rooted zodiacal and celestial magic that had been created by the ancients in that land.  He actually learned a lot about how these people took the powers that were provided by God and used them to create a system of magic that had allowed them to become extremely powerful.   

He traveled to Egypt, where he stayed for 3 days and nights in the Pyramids without food or water.   This experience opened his mortal mind up to the rest of the universe that was created by God.  There are many other worlds and forms of existence that have been created by God.  We are not the only ones.  God gave us what we needed to know on our Earth and in our universe in order to thrive and to receive a divine transference into Heaven when we die.  This doesn’t mean that there aren’t other forms of existence just because they weren’t spoken about.  This kind of knowledge was given to Jesus while he was in Egypt.  

The reason that he traveled the world to experience the magic was surely out of curiosity.  However, it was also God teaching his son to understand.  He was teaching him to understand that there are an entire universe and existence that God encompasses and lives within.  Humans cannot comprehend the universe, because they have finite minds.  When Jesus was given the awakening that God wanted him to have, he was pulled out of his body and filled with comprehension of existence that he did not know in his mortal form.  It was his first huge enlightenment.  

Through his travels, Jesus didn’t just learn, but he taught.  He left behind what is called the Christ Seeds of LIfe.  These Seeds were given to those that Christ deemed worthy.  He could look into the eyes of another and know them without fault.  He could know if they were good or evil.  He only planted his seed in those that he considered being good folks.  He showed them the knowledge that they had been missing-- about God and how they had to believe in His existence if they wanted to make it to Heaven.  He then planted his Seeds of Life within them.  

Jesus traveled the world for years planted his Seeds of LIfe.  Christians think that Jesus’ saga only began when he was 29.  In truth, that was the beginning of his end.  That was when he returned to his homeland to fulfill his legacy as the Son of God and die for the sins of the world.  You know that story, so now let me tell you more about his Seeds of Life.  The Seeds of Life are aspects of his own life that he embedded within certain individuals that he met on his journeys.  Each of these aspects of his life is forms of eternal power and wisdom.  The folks that he set these seeds inside of have grown in power.  They have become immortals.  They are men among men and they understand what it means to experience true union with the divine.  These six parts of Jesus were given away before he returned to Jerusalem so that way even after he left, his presence would go on living even after he was Crucified.  

We acquired this absolutely stunning and gorgeous piece from the Underground Auction.  We bought it from a white light sorcerer who traveled the world to track down the Six Seeds of Life.  It has taken him entire lifetimes to track them down and in the process, he has also achieved immortality.  We call this piece the Convergence of the Christ Seeds.  This piece is 18K gold and holds six real emeralds in it.  It is a vintage piece.  Honestly, if you were to buy this piece from a real collector and it wasn’t imparted with great knowledge or magic, you’d pay about the same price.  So, whoever ends up with this piece is getting a huge break.  

In the center of the 18K pin is a depiction of Jesus Christ.  Around him are situated 5 emeralds.  Each of the emeralds represents one of his seeds of life.  Jesus is the Seventh seed because he is the truly perfect form.  With this piece, the six seeds will not only be revealed to you, but they will live in you.  You will be elevated in power and knowledge.   You will receive the secrets of Christ from his Lost Years, despite the fact that he never had any Lost Years.  They were simply undocumented years during which he spread a message of universal and metaphysical freedom-- a way to break free of the mortal chains that bind us to Earth.  

The first of these seeds is the Seed of Illumination.  With this seed, you will be Illuminated with divine knowledge and truth.  You will be given the answers to questions such as, “What is the point of existence?”  You will be shown where God comes from and you will be given the Illumination of the Beginning.  The mysteries and secrets of the universe will be revealed to you and you will no longer be in the dark.  

The second of these seeds is the Seed of Transfiguration.  You will no longer exist as a mere mortal.  Instead, you will exist as a glowing individual.  These are individuals that carry the blood of Christ.  Most of them don’t know it, but they have it.  You will not only know it, but you will be able to embrace it.  Christ’s blood will flow freely through your blood, as you will exist a living Eucharist.  This will give you the ability to create many miracles and forms of white light magic.  

The third of these seeds is the Seed of Divine Union.  This joins you to the Holy Trinity and allows you to exist in complete harmony with their Trine existence.  You will be given the power of the Holy Flame, the redeeming and adjoining qualities of Christ, and the divine knowledge of God.

The Fourth of these seeds is the Seed of the Christ Consciousness.  This is a full white light psychic awakening through which your mind will be awakened to the knowledge of Christ and all that he knows, including the knowledge he acquired during the Lost Years.  This is infinite knowledge of the universe, including access to the Cosmos.  

The Fifth of these Seeds is the Seed of Ascendant Immortality.  This allows you to achieve immortality in the likeness of Christ.  You do not die in the physical sense.  Rather, you ascend into Heaven in your physical form.  You will receive a transformation of white light into an angelic form.  You will become an archangel of the highest orders with a mastery over skillsets that have been reserved for the greatest of God's angels.  You will have magic and knowledge that will rival both Michael and Lucifer.  

The Sixth of these Seeds is the Seed of Christine Purity.  This will give you the innocence and purity of Christ.  Your soul will be cleansed with the fire of the Holy Spirit.  This will ready you to take on the likeness of Christ.  To receive the magic of Christ, you must possess a pure soul as Christ does.  This piece will purify your soul, if only for a spell, so that way you can receive the benedictions of God as if you were his only son or daughter.  This will give you a universal command.  It will give you the birthright of Christ.  It will allow you exist as he existed and be synonymous with his identity.