Speak, Fido... Wait, You're a Guardian Lion?!

Speak, Fido... Wait, You're a Guardian Lion?!

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This piece is for the animal lovers, especially if the animal you love is a Foo Dog. Foo Dogs are not exactly dogs. Okay, so they aren't dogs at all. Instead, they are guardian lions. While I'm not going to delve into their long and extensive history in Chinese culture, this piece contains the spirit of an actual Foo Dog. 

It's your very own Chinese Guardian Lion. This is extreme, extreme protection. It's the kind that they used to guard the Emperor and his subjects in ancient times and probably still do to this day. What exactly will he protect? Everything!! From protecting your finances so you never end up in the poor house, to protecting your house from evil entities and invades, the Foo Dog does it all.

On top of all this, the Foo Dog brings with it blessings of wealth and prosperity, along with the blessing of longevity and long life filled with happiness. His name is Wang Li.