I Drink To Haoma SW

I Drink To Haoma SW

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Better known as ?drink of immortality? or the Elixir of Life. These are made from special spell cast sugar that is created using a rare Hand of Glory, I say rare because most hands of glory are made from black or dark magic while this one is made of pure white light. The hand is said to be the hand of Noah and was created by the higher powers not by humans and is said to grant immortality, safety, and the magic of the ages.

Drinking the mixture could, as described, exhilarate men and heighten their powers. Warriors would quickly be filled with battle fury, poets would be inspired, and priests became more opened to divine prompting, are just some of what could be described using these elixirs.

The elixir is like drinking pure magic or power and will cleanse you from the inside out. It?s like drinking a power drink made of pure magic and can help you in many ways, strengthen your energies, make your spells stronger, give you added protection, all depending on how you use the energy boost. I would suggest using one before any major ritual or spell.

More instructions will be given, and are very simple to follow. These will start out at $30 but giving they?re nature the price may go up after the first 200 are sold.