Sweet Dreams are Made of This
Sweet Dreams are Made of This

Sweet Dreams are Made of This

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This piece is a vintage clip pin.


This piece is a dream crystal. It holds cognitive magic that will allow you to dictate what somebody else dreams. You might say to yourself, "What's the big deal with that anyway?" The fact of the matter is that our dreams come from our subconscious. They are our inner thoughts and desires that come out during an altered state of consciousness to sway the decisions we make and what we do during the times we are awake.  


If you can control the dreams somebody is having you can influence them to act in certain ways. For instance, if you want your crush to fall in love with you, you can send him dreams of you or dreams of falling in love with you. If you are trying to get a promotion at your job you could send your boss dreams of giving you a promotion. If you are trying to close a big deal with a client, you could send them dreams of doing whatever it is you want them to do. Bottom line is that our subconscious dictates how we behave and this piece will control the subconscious while in a highly suggestible state of consciousness.