Take.  Me.  Back.  (10 Years)

Take. Me. Back. (10 Years)

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Move over Ponce De Leon, the Fount of Youths is OURS.

Okay, so we don't have a picture of these pieces at present.  Just know that when you place your order, you will be receiving something that is sterling silver.  We chose sterling for these pieces because it is a better vehicle for the magic and it will provide the best experience.   We had a customer asking for pieces like this, which reminded us that we totally had these pieces that we were working on.  They embody the magic of Tibetan healing waters that can only be found in one place in the entire world.  It is a lake atop a very secluded mountain.  How the monks were able to get to the waters of this lake I will never know.  Well, actually I do know.  It was magic and a very ancient kind at that.  Evidently, the monks have been using this water for thousands of years to prolong their own lives by stopping and reversing the effects of aging on their bodies.  They even have this place called the Chamber of Nirvana, where their elder monks go once they have entered their state of Nirvana.  These monks are also treated with this miracle water, to keep them alive and viable. 

So what does all this have to do with the price of tea in China?  Well, we were obviously able to acquire the powers of this secret anti-aging water.  We have been able to make a collection of anti-aging pieces that are perfect for everyone.  We have three different types of these pieces that we have made using the water.  Originally, this water would be drawn in baths and the monks four take turns sort of "baptizing" themselves in the water.  In lieu of this practice, our pieces have visited Tibet and have been soaked in the miracle for an extensive amount of time.  They were then manipulated using Tibetan magic so that each piece would be infused with the magic that it was receiving. 

The results are absolutely astounding.  Again, we have three options they are: 

1.)  Take Me Back 5 Years

2.)  Take Me Back 10 Years 

3.)  Stop Me Dead in My Tracks 

For the 5 and 10 year pieces, when you wear your piece it will take you back either 5 or 10 years.  This means that your aging will be reversed and rescinded by the amount of time that your piece is for.  We are talking about taking your whole body back the specified amount of time.  Your wrinkles will vanish.  Your hair will grow back.  you will gain either 5 or 10 years of youth back.  Your health and hearing will improve.   Your appearance will change and you will become either more handsome or more beautiful. Your body will literally be transformed as it is walked back 5 years or 10 years, depending on the piece you choose.  

For the Stop Me Dead in my tracks piece, your aging will literally stop immediately.  You won't need Oil of Olay or anything like that.  How you look right now will be how you look forever.  You will remain young and handsome or beautiful.  Your health will remain in the same shape as it is now.  Your aging process will slow down drastically and eventually come to a complete halt.  Your mind will stay sharp and astute, as you maintain your vigor and vitality.

These are the ancient secrets of the Tibetan Monks and their ability to achieve immortality.  I'm not saying that these pieces will allow you to achieve immortality, but it will be the closes thing that you have ever experienced.  When you choose one of the 5 or 10-year pieces, you will remain in that state until it is time for you to move one to the spiritual realms.  These are incredible pieces that will transform your life and the way you live it.  They will make you feel better about yourself and each of the three types also comes with spiritual rejuvenation and reverberation that will open enliven you, make you happier, and open up your body to make it easier to receive other types of magic!  This will be of value down the road when you are using your other magical pieces.  

Here are the price points for these pieces.  Again, each one comes in sterling, despite not being shown.  We have 6 of each of these pieces.   

Take.  Me. Back.  (Five Years)-- $500.00

Take.  Me.  Back. (Ten Years)-- $600.00  This is the best deal, considering it gives you an extra five years for only an additional $100.00

Stop Me Dead in My Tracks-- $500.00