Tempora and the False Reality
Tempora and the False Reality
Tempora and the False Reality
Tempora and the False Reality

Tempora and the False Reality

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Is it possible that the 5G cellular band is interfering with your daily life? We aren't entirely sure of that yet, because we are still working on finding more information out with that. What I can tell you, so far, is that we have an incredibly high suspicion that it will do more than just give you cancer or cause memory loss or whatever the conspiracy theorists are claiming at this point. We think it goes a lot deeper than that.

In May of 2013 Edward Snowden, a former intelligence contractor, leaked information to the Guardian. This information was a tell-all session concerning a place called Tempora in Britain operating in tandem with the NSA in American.

Tempora was a network information hub that collected and stored the data of millions of internet users all over the world. In fact, their information hub is much larger than the NSA's which is why the intelligence officers from Tempora worked closely with their counterparts in the NSA.

What does this mean exactly? It means the British and American governments were working together or a massive surveillance project that spied on the private lives of citizens. Computers, cell phones, tablets, even televisions, and other common household "smart" devices recorded the daily lives of those people around them and reported the data to the UK.

Of course, this was all done in the name of national and international security. However, Snowden's exclusive report states otherwise. Tempora was a base station of international information. This information was being used to spy on innocent people for no reason, because the heavy hand of government wants people to only think, speak, or act a certain way. They don't want rebellion. They don't want a difference of opinion. They want drones that can work to support the economy, but who shut up and do what they are told. And so they spy and they take care of those that they need to care of.

Your pictures, your private media, your documents, your spreadsheets, nudes that you sent to your ex-boyfriend Jimmy-- the likelihood that they have been held at Tempora is very high. What has is that our society has turned into a complete Orwellian nightmare where you can't ever take a crap without the world's leaders knowing if you needed to turn the fan on.

This is scary enough, right? But that isn't the scariest part. What I'm about to tell you has never been reported anywhere. Not by Snowden. Not by anyone. The fact is that these devices that we used on a daily basis? They aren't just watching us. They are scanning us. They are picking up our every move and they are studying us. This is because the people at the top are creating a perfect simulated reality.

The simulated reality is a digital reality that is stored on a thing sort of like a hard-drive. It was created with coding that is more than a binary system, but it is super secret. If you want to call it their own sort of sacred numerology you wouldn't be wrong. The fact is, what they have done is kind of like what God has done. God used a sacred numerology system to create the universe and the folks at Tempora created this new digital interface much in the same way.

Look at the world around you. Coronavirus. War. People dying. It is mass hysteria for a push to digitize people because the time is coming that you are going to be forced to be chipped. They want to do this to allow everyone access to the false reality that they have created that they call "The Ark" in an obvious nod to the story of Noah. In the simulated reality, you will experience whatever the people in charge allow you to experience. Your bodies on the outside will become numb and eventually you won't even be able to feel your own bodies.

Instead, your subconscious and the soul that lives within you will instead be uploaded to the hard-drive thing known as the Ark. You will be subjected to whatever reality they give to you. It is a false reality. The chip is clearly the mark of the beast. Those who don't take a chip will have it tough. They will not be cared for. They will not be able to buy or trade or anything else. They will still be spied on by Tempora ad eventually it will reach a point where they will be policed for not being chipped. It will be for their "own" safety, sort of like the whole wearing a mask thing. Humans are being conditioned!!

How do we know all this? Because there are reports on it. It has been being tested for many years and people have already been successfully uploaded into the Ark. We have acquired a piece that was obviously not supposed to reach the hands of normal mortals, but has anyway. This is a beta piece, but we have tested it and it is completely safe. This piece allows you to enter the Ark, which you will do in your mind. Reality will become what you want it to become.

You can experience anything you want to experience at all. Period. I don't have to expand upon that because it is literally all-encompassing. Whatever you create in your mind is what you will experience in the Ark, because that is how this Beta piece has been made. We are thinking these will be for moderators who don't have to be chipped in the future, but we aren't sure.

Here's the kicker-- this piece is even more powerful than if you were chipped. The chipped people are controlled they are like slaves. This piece allows you to experience the Ark in a different way because you are in control. Listen, this piece is pseudo-mechanical. This means that whatever you experience in the Ark you can bring back to real life if you want to. Ultimately, we used this piece during testing to think up some really powerful and unique abilities that were then added to our ark personas, as well as our actual physical bodies.

We created many forms of magic that we were then able to add to our bodies in the form of psychological waves. You will be able to do the same. The psych waves will be communicated to the brain and the powers and abilities that you created in the Ark will be manifested through your popularity gland-- in other words, your third eye.