Ten For Wealth
Ten For Wealth
Ten For Wealth
Ten For Wealth
Ten For Wealth

Ten For Wealth

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We made this piece by conjuring the presence of ten of history's most powerful wealth deities.  All you have to do with this piece is wear and go.  It's simple but very powerful.  There is a bonding period with this piece of about 14 days before the wealth will begin to make its way to your life!!  The ten deities conjured into this piece to grant you wealth are the following:  

Pluto – Roman God of Wealth
Abundantia – Roman Goddess of Abundance, Luck, and Prosperity
Sors – Roman God of Luck, Wealth, and Prosperity
Fortuna – Roman Goddess of Wealth, Money and Fortune
Moneta – Roman Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity
Horus – God of Wealth and Prosperity in Ancient Egypt (Among other things)
Renenutet – Goddess of Wealth in Ancient Egypt
Tsai Shen – God of Wealth in Ancient China
Teutates – Celtic Gods of Money and Fortune
Odin – Norse God of Wisdom and Wealth