Ten To Grant You All The Magic You Want
Ten To Grant You All The Magic You Want

Ten To Grant You All The Magic You Want

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If you are new to magic and even if you aren't, sometimes you need help getting the things that you want. Whether your rituals aren't working, your incantations are failing, or you just want to be able to summon very powerful gods and goddesses of magic, we have created this piece for you. This piece summons 10 ancient gods and goddesses of magic that will help you in your magical endeavors. You will simply wear this piece during meditation and call upon the god or goddess that you feel the best connection with! You can use this piece as many times as you want to bond with as many of the gods/goddesses that you want.

Circe- A Greek Enchantress

Freya- Norse Goddess of Seidr Magic

Hecate- Greek Goddess of crossroads, witchcraft, gateways, and knowledge

Kamrušepa- Hittite Goddess of healing, medicine, and magic

Morana- Slavic Goddess of ritual magic and also of death and rebirth

Anulap- Micronesian God of magic

Enki- Sumerian God of knowledge and creation

Thoth- Egyptian God of knowledge, science, hieroglyphs, magic, and the dead

Veles- Slavic God of the harvest, wealth, music, magic, and trickery

Zhang Guolao- Taoist God of magic and one of the 8 Immortals