The Babylonian Brotherhood
The Babylonian Brotherhood
The Babylonian Brotherhood
The Babylonian Brotherhood
The Babylonian Brotherhood

The Babylonian Brotherhood

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The piece that you are purchasing is a 10k gold, antique ring.


This piece was acquired from a group of half-blood anomalies known as the Babylonian Brotherhood. The Brotherhood are the remnants of a cross-genetic experiment that was undertaken by the ancient Atlanteans before the Great Flood that first wiped out the likes of the Atlantis and Lemuria. It then moved on to wipe out other places. It has historically been recorded across many different religions and historical accounts.

Prior to the flood, which was caused by polarized energetic currents that were radiated to Earth by Venus, there was a scientific. That story is for another time, but it is believed that these currents were intentionally transferred to Earth to cause the Great Flood. It was a form of magic all of its own done by the hands of a powerful deity, but most of you already know the story so I won't get into it. the fact is that the civilizations on Earth were beginning scientific experimentation with other races from the universe.

Specifically, the Atlanteans had made contact with a group of extraterrestrials-- Reptilians. These two powerful groups of entities thought it would be grand if they created their own form of existence, effectively playing God. The Universe thought otherwise and a cleansing flood was sent to Earth in order to wipe away the atrocities that were committed. Look, we aren't bashing the Atlanteans, we love them. We aren't saying their ideas are innately bad. What we are saying is the universe thought this wasn't such a great idea and sent a deluge that wiped out nearly all of the Atlantean Race.

There was only one race that managed to survive the flood and that is the one that was created by the team of Atlanteans and the Aliens that they were working with. They rescinded to the center of the Earth, only coming out when the flood was over. The Atlanteans were all but wiped off the face of the Earth, but there were humans that their new creations made contact with. They were a watered-down, dumbed-down race of humans, so the creation race gave them their knowledge. This knowledge helped advance the re-establishment of human life on Earth.

I'm not saying that they helped one particular group out. They helped them all because they were part Atlantean and believed in free knowledge. From Sumer to Babylon, all the way to Egypt, these creatures spread knowledge. They finally came to rest in Babylon, taking a mystery school under their wing, teaching those who adhered to their policies the ways of ancient magic, which are the ways that were taught to them by both sets of their genetic parent groups--- the Atlanteans and the Aliens who they had made contact with.

The Created Race become known as the Brotherhood of Babylon only after they gave humans the idea to build the Tower of Babel in the first place. The aliens that were originally contacted were Reptilians from another dimension. They revealed the secrets of the Tower of Babel, which was not only a building that allowed humans to quite literally, travel to Heaven, but it was also a set of very intricate mind-enlightenments that allowed humans to evolve into very powerful creatures..

So, that was a TON of information. What are we offering exactly? We are offering this piece. It has been created by the Brotherhood of Babylon. Wear this piece will give you an awakening that we are called the Tower of Babel. This is a series of awakenings that will take place within your mind. This will release several DNA codes into your mortal DNA code and this will allow you to become exceedingly powerful.

The awakening of the Divine Code is one of the Awakenings you will receive when wearing this piece. This is the divine code that the Brotherhood of Babylon were after, which they eventually got from a rogue Nephilim who narrowly survived the flood himself. This divine code will allow you to connect with God in a way that you have never connected before. This will feed you His knowledge and magic like a placenta feeds a baby nutrients from the mother. You will be able to turn this knowledge and magic into very powerful abilities.

You will receive an Atlantean awakening. This is the awakening of the ancient Atlantis Race and their connection to the universe, which is how they contacted the Reptilians in the first place. You will gain their connection to the universe and the Cosmos with the ability to awakening a cellular memory within yourself that will bring ancient Atlantean magic alive within your existence. This is the ability to live within the knowledge of the Cosmos and to search out all the magic that you desire.

Finally, you gain an awakening of the Reptilian kind. This Awakening allows you to traverse the universe within your mind. It allows you to travel anywhere, anytime, along the space-time continuum to experience what you want to experience. You can learn from these experiences or collect the knowledge and energies that you experience to synthesize them into power that you can use in private. It will also awaken a secret Enochian-like code within your body which will give you command of the universe, of its elements, energies, and components. What you say and what you devise in your head will become reality and you will have full control over it.

The magic that is this powerful is why the Deluge happened, but it's also why God destroyed the Tower of Babel. Thus, the Brotherhood of Babylon is super secretive and having one of their pieces is rare and very powerful. Having this piece is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that you do not want to miss out on!