The Asmodeus Stone
The Asmodeus Stone
The Asmodeus Stone
The Asmodeus Stone

The Asmodeus Stone

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We wanted to start the year of right, with this Hungarian 14K Gold Ring, with small Amethyst accents. The green stone is something called the Asmodeus stone. It is extremely powerful, so make sure you read below to find out all the juicy details of how the stone was made and what it will do for you.

You all heard the story of how Satan was booted from Heaven after his failed attempt to take over. I mean, what did he think was going to happen? He was battling God. Anyway, that's not the part that I'm here to discuss. I'm here to discuss what happened after the fall. I'm not going to say what happened after the fall is more important, but it was after the fall that Satan decided that perhaps next time he should have all his bases covered.

We have offered pieces similar to this before, but the reason that we've been able to offer them is that somewhere along the line there was an accident. What I'm getting at is that the stone in this piece is a stone from Satan's own crown. It is not one of the stones that have fallen off and fallen to Earth only to be discovered centuries later.

Rather, this piece is one that was given to one of Satan's own dark angels. It was given to to Asmodeus who is one of the most powerful in Satan's rank-and-file. The demon was given one of the stones out of Satan's crow after Satan was dumped in the Lake of Fire. In Heaven, Asmodeus was one of the most handsome and powerful angels, ranking in power even above the archangels. He controls choirs of angels and the white light powers that came along with them.

Marriage is one of God's most sacred institutions. It keeps the family unit together and allows for the reproduction of powerful bloodlines that God can bless. This has nothing to do with a man being in charge of a household. It has to do with offspring coming from complete and well-rounded bloodlines to which more children will be the heir.

Asmodeus' job was to destroy marriages and to tempt men to be unfaithful to their wives. In doing so, he destroyed pure avenues through which God could have sent gifts and benedictions to the people. I hear a lot of people say, "Well if these people in ancient times could perform miracles, why can't anybody do them these days?" The simple answer is that God has rescinded many of the gifts that he once granted to people through these holy unions and bloodline offspring.

The stone that was given to Asmodeus was the third most powerful stone on Satan's crown. This stone gave Asmodeus powers well beyond what he was given simply by existing. It gave him the power to tempt men. In order to tempt men, the stone gave Asmodeus the power to grant people whatever it is they desired. You might be asking yourself, "Well surely there is some exception." The answer is no. There are no exceptions to this magic. It is the same magic that was used by Satan when he tempted Jesus in the desert.

The thing is that Asmodeus kind of got tricked into giving this tone to a mortal. While the demon was not allowed to go back to Heaven, there was nothing stopping him from going to Earth. He did so frequently. He was called forth during the witch's Sabbat on many occasions. He was called forward by people who were doing blood rituals. Sometimes he was even called forward to complete sexual rituals. Usually, others were called for the task of planting the Satanic seed. Usually, that job went to orderlies, but on occasion, Asmodeus would make an appearance.

On one occasion, he was called forward by a group of Hungarian Satanists. They offered him a harlot. That's what they were called in honor of Jezebel and the beast. Only this harlot was a little bit different. She had come from the bloodline of Lilth and was out for one thing and one thing only. She could care less about the Satanic seed. She simply wanted the stone that was granted to Asmodeus by Satan.

During their sexual encounter, the Harlot cast a spell on Asmodeus by invoking her mother Lilith's power. Next to Satan Lilith is the most powerful in all of the dark realms, so needless to say Asmodeus was smitten with love. He vowed to do anything to please his Harlot. When she asked for the stone, Asmodeus was reluctant at first. However, the power of the charm cast upon Asmodeus eventually won him over and he gave the stone the Harlot. She called it the Asmodeus Stone.

The unexpected part of the ceremony was when the Harlot actually conceived the seed of Satan. She gave birth to a creature that was part Lilith, part Satan, and more powerful than any of their offspring combined. He consumed the Harlot's body from the inside out and was born into the physical world. He called himself Ambrose, meaning Immortal One. He was indeed immortal. Similar to the way the angels rejoiced when Christ was born, the Underworld rejoiced thinking that the perfect union between the bloodlines of Satan and Lilith meant that they'd also have a savior of their own.

They were dead wrong. I don't know if it was because the Asmodeus stone was still inherently a white light relic because it was born of God, or if the fact that two dark entities negated each other and bore a white light entity, but Ambrose is the most powerful White Light being to walk the face of Earth save of Jesus Christ himself. The Asmodeus stone-- and all the stones in Satan's crown for that matter-- were chips of God's own soul. You know, like a chip off the old block?

After consuming the Harlot, Ambrose kept the Asmodeus stone for himself. He traveled the world and the rest of the universe defeating and expelling the vilest of dark creatures and entities. These are creatures that are 1000s of times more powerful than any demon that has ever been written about. These are the foes and enemies of God himself. They are called the Anti-Host. They want the power and magic that God has. They will never win against him, but they try. Ambrose has been slaying these beasts since his onset. Expelling demons is nothing but child's play to him.

The Asmodeus, although once owned by Satan, has recaptured the glory that it has come from as a part of God's soul. It has grown and grown in power. It gives a direct connection to the God Consciousness. It allows whoever wears it to exist as if they are God. They control all powers and all magic. They hold authority over all other beings. They hold authority over all magic. They can create all magic. They can speak anything into existence.

I know that somebody is going to ask, "Well if he was so powerful, why didn't he save Jesus then? Well, that had to happen in order to save the souls of humanity. That's why. Otherwise, Asmodeus would have saved him, or Jesus would have saved himself. It was all a destiny thing that God had already written into play. God had to come to Earth to experience what he made in Human form in order to be able to think like a human in order to save them.

None of that has anything to do with the fact that this Asmodeus Stone is super powerful. When you own this stone, you become like God on Earth. You will receive all of the powers that I've just mentioned above. You will gain the ability to live and exist within the God Consciousness and to manifest its knowledge and powers here on Earth. It is a great rush of power unlike any that you have ever experienced. It allows you to transcend realms and visit Heaven whenever you choose, even allowing you to visit God's Holy of Holies and the Ark of the Covenant. It will provide you with great white light enlightenment that will teach you the ways of the universe.

I'm sure some of you are wondering how we've ended up with this piece. Ambrose has since ascended into Heaven permanently and the Asmodeus stone was used to make this piece. In homage to where Ambrose was first brought to life, this piece is Hungarian. It has small pieces of amethyst accents. The ring itself is 14k gold. The green stone we are not sure what that is made out of, but that is the Asmodeus Stone. That is the stone that will be granting you your powers. They are the only powers you will ever need. We are not certain how we got so lucky as to find this piece at the Underground Auction. Maybe we were in the right place at the right time? Perhaps it was destiny? Either way, we have it and it is extremely powerful.