The Awakening of Jormungandr
The Awakening of Jormungandr
The Awakening of Jormungandr

The Awakening of Jormungandr

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You will be receiving a sterling silver and gold ring.  


This piece is very simple in what it does for you. It was created by an immortal Viking sorcerer named Ragnvald. He has been doing Norse magic since the first time that Odin came to earth. He is not a god per se, but he is respected by the gods as the most prolific practitioner of Norse magic on Earth.

He chose this piece and into it he has set the presence of Jormungandr. Jormungandr also goes by the name Midgard Serpent. He is the serpent of knowledge that surrounds and encompasses Midgard, keeping mortals in their realm. It is only through the acquisition of the knowledge of Jorgunmandr that people are allowed to experience the nine realms of Norse existence. These nine realms each have power and magic that they offer you.

With this piece, you will receive the awakening of Jormungandr. You will experience the Nine Realms as wisdom and enlightenment take over your mind. The nine realms will appear to you in your mind and you will be able to explore them as if you were there in person. each of the realms grants you a different type of awakening and a different category of magic. These will be revealed to you once you use your piece.

You will first be shown the lower 8 realms before finally transcending into the Aesir where you will gain the full knowledge of the Norse gods and goddesses in their home realm. Ancient Runic magic and well as Norse sorcery will be given to you and you will be able to manifest all of the magic, including the magic of the gods, in your mortal reality. The name of the nine realms and categories of magic that you will receive are listed below.