The Berlin Mechanism
The Berlin Mechanism
The Berlin Mechanism
The Berlin Mechanism
The Berlin Mechanism

The Berlin Mechanism

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This bottle has a very interesting story to it, both regular and paranormal.  The bottle itself was designed by an artist in Venice and crafted out of highly-sought-after aventurine glass.  It is decorated with bronze and foil and was made in the 1800s. In Spring 2003 the piece was exhibited in the glass pavilion at Eretz Museum in Tel Aviv.  It is a rare, one-of-a-kind collector’s piece and is highly valuable, but the supernatural and paranormal story behind the enchanted bottle is what will really knock your socks off.  

This piece has been owned by many people throughout the years, some of the famous, some of them not.  However, the most notorious person that has ever owned this piece is Adolf Hitler himself. Many people aren’t aware, but the Fuhrer had a fine eye for art.  He was especially fond of all things glass and had quite a collection that he kept private. It’s not really a hidden fact, but it is something that most people simply don’t know him, given the fact that he is mostly known for his heinous war crimes.  

Now, what isn’t so secret is that both Hitler and his Nazis were huge into the paranormal.  They had entire bases and secret castles that were dedicated to the development of paranormal warfare.  It was in one of these bases where contact was first made with the extraterrestrial lifeform that taught them how to collect what is known as the Life Essence of other human beings.  Of course, this was done in a less-than-ethical way, especially after the development of what is called the Berlin Mechanism.  

You’ve likely never heard of the Berlin Mechanism only because after the war it was taken and used by other countries on their own civilians.  The machine is brilliant and extraordinary, it’s just that the way certain regimes used it to carry out their business was extremely unethical.  However, it’s never really about what’s right and you know what they say-- to the victors go the spoils. So, the Allies ended up with the mechanism.  In fact, it is kept under close surveillance somewhere in North America to this day.  

Now, back to Adolf’s fascination with art.  He originally acquired this bottled during WWII from an ally of his in Venice who was one part of Mussolini’s fascist movement.  He kept it until the design and implementation of the Berlin Mechanism. This mechanism was given to the Germans by an advanced race of ETS that they managed to make contact with from one of their experimental bases.  The machine is 100% alien technology that was given to the Germans, presumably to help them win the war.  

This obviously didn’t go as planned, only because there were German defectors in the camp, but that doesn’t change the fact that the Germans got a lot of use from the Berlin Machine before the end of the war.  The machine focuses on human energy and is able to extract what is called Life Serum. This Life Serum is a liquid that is secreted when a human is hooked up to the mechanism. While hooked up to the machine, the human is tortured and shown terrifying and disturbing images.  They secrete the Life Serum and it is collected into bottles. This bottle, the bottle that once belonged to Adolf Hitler and was once shown off at the Eretz Museum was used to store the Life Serum as they managed to extract if from their victims.

The Life Serum was then drunk by those in positions of power and authority.  This is because it contains the essence of the other person’s existence. In the times of Nazi Germany, a strict vetting system was implemented to gather those people who were scheduled for extermination.  Those who had especially desired characteristics were sent to one place. Those who were weak and feeble were sent to another. Those who were deemed to have magical abilities or other types of paranormal abilities were sent directly to the front of the line.  The Germans then executed these people in such a manner that they could harvest their Life Serum and drink it, thus gaining their capabilities.  

The Berlin Mechanism has since traveled the world, together with this art bottle.  It has seen the likes of the Bilderberg Meetings and the Lavish parties that were thrown by the Rothschilds.  This bottle and the mechanism were used during the blood rituals of the wealthy and elite of the European Union.  Most recently, it has been used by the United States Government in forensic testing to build the perfect soldier. In fact, the United States Government is still in possession of the Berlin Mechanism.  

However, somewhere along the line, the bottles got switched out and they used different types of containers now.  The bottle ended up in the hands of a French sorcerer and collector, who sold it to the Eretz Museum, which put in on display in 2003.  To most, it was just a piece of art, but to those who knew the bottle meant much more. It was eventually taken from the possession of the Eretz Museum by Israeli government officials.  From there the whereabouts of the item get a little bit sketchy. I know for a fact it was stored in the Vatican Archives for a spell, but I can’t say for sure what happened to it since 2003.

Our source for attaining this piece is kept confidential because of the sensitivity surrounded the issue.  I can tell you this much-- we had to go on an investigation to find this piece and it wasn’t the Vatican Archives.  It was a hidden temple in Israel near the Dead Sea. It was guarded by two archangels and we had to use a piece that allowed us to command them in order to get this piece because whoever had it before had commanded the angels not to let it leave.  I really can’t say much more than that. What I can tell you is our success in using the piece once we acquired it.  

You might be thinking, “What good is the bottle without the mechanism?”  Well, remember the French Sorcerer I told you about? His name was Bertrand and he was able to reinvent how this piece is used.  It has seen so much of the Life Serum that it can now be used independently of the Berlin Mechanism. All you have to do is fill the bottle with water or alcohol, write down a person’s name, light a candle and you are good to go.  Exact instructions will be given to the winner of this auction.  

We have used this piece for many clients since we’ve had it.  We actually created a celebrity using this piece when we called upon the spirit of the late Michael Jackson for his ability in singing and show business.  She has had two chart-topping hits since we worked with her.  


Of course, Deedee wanted to explore the mind of Napoleon so we were able to recreate Napoleon’s reality for her using this piece.  She sat with him the pyramid on the night that he stayed there. She was able to see everything that he endured on that night and she knows the secrets that were given to him by the being that approached him.  

Lindy wanted to acquire the knowledge of the 12 Disciples, so we had to do the ritual 12 times for her.  She is now Biblically in-tune and has been given all the secrets that were ever held in the Book of Revelations and through the New Testament.  She knows things that most other people do not. Don’t bother asking her, though. She considers it a gift for her mind only, given to her directly by God.

When using this piece, you will produce the life serum of whomever you want to produce.  You will drink it and their characteristics, knowledge, and spiritual mannerisms will become your own.  You could choose Bathory for her blood ritual knowledge. You could choose Laveau for her knowledge of Voodoo.  You could choose Thomas Jefferson for his knowledge of the occult and Freemasonry. Or, you could choose somebody for their looks or their talent or whatever.  It’s pretty much a free market and anybody is up for grabs. This piece will work very effectively, as we have tested it ourselves and were astonished by the results.  The results are extremely powerful.